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International cooperation and between the two countries

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1.With the principle of fair and mutual benefit, strengthening international cooperative relations, establishing communication channels, to serve the Chinese citizens of various countries and combating transnational crime.(1) Actively establishing cooperative lines with immigration agencies of friendly countries, offices in Taiwan and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), jointly combating transnational crimes and protecting human rights of immigration, and helping to resolve Chinese citizens on both sides, Chinese citizens a stopover, stay or emergency aid.(2) Promote the signing of "Memorandum of understanding of immigration and human trafficking prevention cooperation (MOU)" with relevant countries, strengthening relationships with various countries and international NGOs. Currently has signed contracts with Mongolia, Indonesia, Gambia, Honduras, Vietnam, Paraguay, United States, Solomon Islands, Belize, St. Kitts and Nevis, Japan, Guatemala and Swaziland, on immigration affairs, prevention of human trafficking and international anti-terrorism, have established close ties.2. To prevent illegal persons between the two countries from trafficking in persons, smuggling and other illegal acts, destroying internal security, and preventing illegal persons from taking advantage of the convenience of relations between the two countries and hiding to other countries, our Service under the "Collective Bargaining Agreement between the two countries and judicially helping each other ", actively promoting the annual visits and annual exchanges of immigration law enforcement agencies between the two countries, establishing an institutionalizing mechanism system between the two countries, assisting the arrest and return of the perpetrators, and under the principle of" Comprehensive cooperation, eradicate at the focal point ", strengthening the joint criminal eradication system between the two countries.