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Security Safeguard and Restoration Mechanism

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For the security of the website and to ensure the continuous services to all the related immigration users, the Immigration Office (hereinafter referred to as the Immigration) provides the following safeguarding measures:
1. The Immigration uses a network invasion sensor system monitoring network flow to make sure that web page information is not loaded or modified without authorization or destroyed intentionally.
2. The Immigration has installed a firewall to guard against illegal incursion, destruction, or guard the data from being stealer or destroyed, so that the Immigration website will not be illegally used by unauthorized person and to protect the various rights of the website users.
3. The website is equipped with a virus scanning software, doing schedule scanning, in order to provide our users with a safe web page browsing environment and prevent the user from getting virus.
4. The website of the Immigration makes regular backup daily. All the data is backup in the redundancy main system to guaranty that all the content and programs in the website are updated.
5. The website is updated periodically to maintain the optimization of the website.
Firewall Administration
1. A firewall should be installed in the web point of the Immigration linking with outside network, in order to control the data transmission and data access between outside and the internal network of the Immigration.
2. The whole activity of the network is recorded in the firewall system of the Immigration normally.? Log data includes the data, time, starting IP, communication protocol, etc. of the incident, to facilitate the information staff of the Immigration in their normal administration and for future checking.
3. The firewall administrator inspects and analyzes if there is any abnormality on the firewall log of the Immigration.? The log is saved for more than 1 year.
4. Log in to the firewall main system of the Immigration is allowed only through the system terminal to ensure the safety of firewall main system.
5. Proper discussion and reviews is conducted regularly on the security control of the Immigration's firewall for optimum security control and necessary adjustment, to make sure that the firewall achieves its purpose.
6. Data backup is made regularly on the firewall system of the Immigration, but doing single system backup only.? Data backup cannot be done through the network or other method.
7. The software of the Immigrations' firewall system should be updated regularly in order to deal with the various network attack.
Principle of Data Backup
1. The Immigration produces backup of major operation information and software regularly to ensure that all the major operation information and software are restored in the event that there was a disaster or storage media failure.
2. The Immigration keeps at least 3 generations or 3 cycles of backup data of its major operation application program.
3. A special staff is assigned by the Immigration to do the backup. If it is necessary to log into the system during backup, that account and authority are verified and approved by the authorizing chief.
4. A safe distance is maintained between the main location and the installation location of the Immigration’s redundant equipment and backup media, to prevent the equipment from being destroyed in case of fire in the main location.
5. A special staff is assigned by the Immigration to do the backup of computer files and save in another place.
6. The Immigration make backups regularly and implements restoration test, to make sure that it is valid and can be completed within the time allocated in the restoring procedure.
7. Proper grading and environmental protection is given to all the backup data of the Immigration with the same standard used in the main location. All the control measures applied in the main location are extended to the backup operation location.