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Privacy Policy

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To our visitors,Here at the National Immigration Agency (NIA), we understand the value our visitors place on privacy, and we respect and protect the personal information obtained on this website. To help you understand how the NIA collects, utilizes, and protects your personal information, please read the following Privacy Policy carefully for details on NIA's security practices and measures concerning personal information.Scope
This Privacy Policy is applicable to the personal information obtained when you conduct business at this website, which covers the collection, utilization, and protection of such information. For any permit application conducted online, you will be asked to provide information including your name, ID number, telephone number, E-mail address, and the residence address, etc. During the regular course of navigating this website, the server automatically records your IP Address, time of use, browser type, and information browsed and queried. For each individual browsing session, the NIA notes the browser type of the user and records user¡¦s browsing trail within the website; unless the NIA has your explicit permission to do so, this information will not be shared with a third party.Please be aware that this website contains links to those of other government departments, either promoted on the home page or listed under the links section. These websites are not run by the NIA. Your personal information provided to these websites is separately covered under their own respective information policies, and are not applicable under this Privacy Policy. The NIA assumes no joint-liability for the protection of any personal information under such circumstance.Besides those explicitly registered on this website, personal information such as name, E-mail address, etc, you voluntarily posted on the electronic bulletin board is not protected under this Privacy Policy.Cookies
"Cookies" are a tiny snippet of data written on users' computer through the browser, and they are used by the server to provide customization to users according to different preferences. You can find the settings for cookies in Internet Explorer under Tool->Internet Options->Privacy Tab, or Firefox under Tools->Options->Privacy Tab, where you can choose to "accept all", "notify when receiving", or "reject all" cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may be unable to access some of the personalized services or functions on this website.Under no circumstance will the NIA sell, trade, or rent out your personal information to a third party. The NIA accesses the cookies through your browser and releases the personal information of the visitor in accordance with this Privacy Policy under the following conditions and purposes:1. Under the official request of the judicial authorities in accordance with the relevant administrative procedures for judicial assistances, where the judicial authorities, for the purpose of ensuring public safety, asks for the personal information of specific individual. Under such circumstance, the NIA shall maintain the interest of all users and comply with the request only as necessary;
2. When anyone violates the NIA¡¦s Terms of Service, or otherwise causes possible harm or interference against the interest of this agency, other users of this website, or any related third party, the NIA, having reason to believe that the information is necessary for the purpose of identifying, contacting, or undertaking legal action against the individual of concern, may release his/her personal information;
3. Having reason to believe, in good faith, that the user information accessed is necessary for legal purposes, or administrative or other purposes in the maintenance, improvement of product or services.
Newsletter and E-mail
The NIA sends newsletter via E-mail to provide our users with useful information on new development about this website or other NIA services. The newsletter is a subscription-based service and you will only receive this newsletter if you have explicitly agreed to receive these materials during or after the registration.The NIA identifies the sender on all its newsletters and E-mails as originating from the NIA. All newsletters and E-mails contain the means, directions, or links to unsubscribe should you wish to stop receiving these materials. Besides the information about this website and the NIA, your personal information will not be utilized to forward any information for commercial purposes.Questions about this Privacy Policy
If you have any questions related to your privacy, please contact us.