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In order to help foreign and Chinese couples adapt to the life of the country of Taiwan, and take advantage of various cultures to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan, our Department through interdepartmental cooperation promotes "China's foreign and Chinese partner counseling measures", guides adaptation of life, health of eugenics, guarantees the right to work, improves education and culture, aids in child teaching, self-protection, a perfect legal system and implements the promotion of key 8 work concepts, and subsidizes municipal governments, districts (municipalities) plans to implement life adaptation guidance, families living together in Taiwan to participate; utilizing "Foreign partner care counseling funds" subsidizing the state department, the private sector providing counseling services for foreign and Chinese couples; establishing "Human resources database of translators", reducing the barriers of foreigners in Taiwan due to language communication, to properly secure their rights; establishing a "Hotline for foreign life consultation in Taiwan" (0800-024-111), against outsiders providing the fastest and most complete free telephone consultation services in 7 languages ​​Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Cambodian; create new resident guidance films and multi-cultural promotions, video clips of happy new family life, multicultural and food and other activities, to promote a friendly and multicultural environment; undertaking empowerment and scholarship plans for new residents and their children, empowering new-generation residents and printing new language teaching materials of the new citizens, fostering the human resources of the country of Taiwan; incorporating in-country preliminary care services at all-around service posts, family education lessons, mobile service train plans and networking of concerns and so on, enhancing the adjustment of the lives of foreign and Chinese couples in Taiwan.