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The Immigrant and Settled Resident Affairs

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Our office is responsible for the management of incoming and out-of-state immigrants, the most important job, is to accept cases of public appeals; Our service in various cities, districts all over the country there are also set up service post, promote local service friendly, direct.One of the main tasks of the service post is to take care of citizens of the Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau and residents without domicile in the Taiwan area to apply for immigration, stopover, stay and residence, extension of stay, residence for foreigners, cases of permanent residence and stay, inspection and certification or examination translocation issues; migrant residents living in Taiwan can also conduct direct consultation at local service posts regarding our Department's work affairs.In addition, to simplify the administration to make citizens more practical, our Service has successively promoted various internet application applications, including visa-free travel for 5 Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan's entry certification for Hong Kong and Macau citizens, regardless of at home or in wherever there is internet, can also at any time apply online, simplify the process, save time and make citizens more practical.For the Chinese who come to Taiwan, our Office also coordinates with the government's policy on the two countries, regardless of whether to come to Taiwan for sightseeing, visiting relatives, medical examination of beauty and Chinese students coming to school, even Taiwan couple taking care of reunion cases, living with dependency, the service post can also handle, check and certify.Moreover, in response to the rapid development between the two countries, regardless of whether tourist destinations, beauty health checks, Chinese students come to school as well as professional activities, business, also gradually promote application services over the internet, the community does not need to leave home delivering documents at the counter, at home can also take care of online, after passing the examination, pay online then can directly print the certification. Since January 1, 2015, further apply the visa on arrival in three mini-connections, at the same time, the Chinese tourists come to Taiwan for travel, also coordinate open express case request, improve administrative effectiveness, make the relationship between the two countries more practical.