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Measures Against Trafficking In Persons

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      Human trafficking is a serious violation against human rights and is viewed as a modern form of slavery.  Taiwan is in concordance with the international community in placing top priority in dealing with human trafficking and in taking successive measures with the aim to totally eradicate human trafficking.
  The Executive Yuan had promulgated the “Human Trafficking Prevention Action Plan” in  November 2006 and had set up Coordination Meeting for the Prevention of Human Trafficking in 2007. The NIA plays the part of coordinating resources among governmental departments and proactively carries out the Action Plan. Besides, the Human Trafficking Prevention Act was legislated in January 2009 and came into effect in June 2009. It has since put severe penalties on traffickers while offering protection to victims. Taiwan has been a Tier-1 country in the U.S. Department of State “Trafficking in Persons Report” for 12 consecutive years since 2010. Its efforts are recognized globally. 
  Taiwan also shares a common 4Ps (prosecution, protection, prevention and partnership) strategic plan with the international community in battling human trafficking:
1. Prosecution
  Prosecutor’s offices and judicial police units are to have dedicated staff to work on the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.
2. Protection
  The victims are provided with protection in terms of sheltering, care of every day living, psychological counseling, medical assistance, translation and legal services, accompanying social worker during interrogation, issuance of temporary stay permits and work permits and safe return to victim’s country of origin.
3. Prevention
  In order to raise public awareness of the issue of human trafficking, the NIA conducts the awareness campaign using multiple channels including the news media and special events.  Interministerial training sessions on general knowledge of human trafficking prevention as well as advance workshops for partners within the anti-trafficking network are held annually to strengthen their professional knowledge and case-solving skills in the field.
4. Partnership
  The NIA has been inviting foreign and domestic government officials, scholars and NGO-based experts to participate in the annual event of “International Workshop on Combating Human Trafficking”. The event serves as a venue for Taiwan to introduce information updates and latest TIP-prevention related knowledges from other countries, to incorporate NGO-based resources into the effort and to connect with the international community. The NIA has also signed memorandum of understanding on immigration affairs and human trafficking prevention with international counterparts to strengthen international cooperation.