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Notices for the submission of application of Hong Kong and Macau citizens for entry/exit online

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To regulate the online application procedures for Hong Kong and Macau citizens coming to Taiwan, these notices are hereby established.
Application procedures and certificate issuance methods:
Application procedures: the applicant apply via alien online application system (hereinafter the online system) of National Immigration Agency of MOI (hereinafter the NIA)
Certificate issuance method: the applicant downloads and color prints the entry/exit permit after making payment online and entry/exit the State with such certificateRequired documents:
Application: log in the applicant’s information online, the Chinese shall be in Traditional format and remaining information shall be identical the ones in passport
Prepare following information and scan, upload to online system:
2” photo with white background taken in recent two years
Original of Hong Kong and Macau permanent citizen certificate
Original of Hong Kong and Macau passport valid for at least three months
Other related certificates
For seeking long-term job in Taiwan pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 11 herein, the qualifications as set forth in article 2 of Regulations Governing Visa Review and Issuance for Foreign Professional Seeking Jobs in Taiwan shall be satisfactory and following documents shall be enclosed otherwise:
Checklist for the application of entry/exit permit for long-term job seeking
Job seeking plan
Certificate of average salary in recent six months
Certificate of education and experiences
Financial statement of NT$100,000 and above or value in equivalent
The certificate of medical and full hospitalization insurance during the residence period in Taiwan Area
Certificate of no criminal record
Other documents as stipulated by central competent authorities of the field concerned.
The lineal ascendant of special professional approved for the residence pursuant to paragraph 3 of article 11 of the Act shall have documents as set forth in paragraph 1, paragraph 2, relative relationship certificate and copy of effective residence certificate for special professional enclosed.Categories, validity and fees of permits:
Categories and validity of permits:
Single entry/exit permit: shall be valid for six months from the next date of issuance. They may enter the country once within the validity. For failure to enter the county within validity, the applicant may file to NIA for extension once before the expiration.
Renewable permit: Valid for one or three years from the next date of issuance.  Must be renewed online for further entry/exits. Each renewal shall be six months from the next date of online approval. However, it shall not exceed the validity on the entry/exit permit.
Multiple entry/exit permits: valid for one or three year from the next date of issuance. However, for long-term job seeking, the validity of permit shall be three months from the date of issuance.
Fees of permits:
single entry/exit permit: NT$600 for (NT$300 for one way)
Renewable entry/exit permit: NT$600; each increased visa: NT$600
Multiple entry/exit permit in one year: NT$1,000
Multiple entry/exit permit in three years: NT$2,000Days for management and correction
Five working days from the next date of submission if there is no certificate as required for correction
The corrected information shall be made within three months from the next date of correction noticed by the NIA. For failure to make correction by deadline, the application shall be rejected.Reissuance of lost or damaged certificate:
Before entering the State: print the certificate online and enter the State against the certificate
After entering the State: the applicant shall apply to service center of NIA for re-issuance. If the certificate is lost or damaged found before leaving the State from airport, harbor, the applicant may apply to the boder affairs corp of NIA in all airports, harbors for re-issuance of single exit permit. The duties for re-issuance is NT$300, the applicant may exit the State against the certificate acquired.
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