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Application Instructions for Nationals without Household Registration in the Taiwan Area Extending their Stay in Taiwan

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A. Laws and Regulations
1. Article 8 of the Immigration Act.
2. Article 8 and 11 of the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Registering Permanent Residence of Nationals Without Household Registration in the Taiwan Area. 
B. Eligibility and Times of Extension
1. Eligibility: Nationals without household registration in the Taiwan area (hereinafter referred to as nationals without household registration) who entered Taiwan with a single-use or multiple-use entry permit or Lin-Jen entry permit.
2. Extension: A stay can be extended once for a maximum of 3 months from the day following the expiry of the duration of stay. 
C. Application Procedures
An application should be made at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the NIA) no earlier than 30 days before it expires. 
D. Required Documents
1. An application form.
2. An entry permit.
3. Application fees: NTD$300.
4. A power of Attorney (not required if a national without household registration applies in person). 
E. Processing Times
Half a day from the time the application is received (If no supplementary documents are required and there are no special circumstances). 
F. Further Extension
1. A national without household registration who has entered Taiwan permit-free, with a temporary entry permit or whose stay has been already extended once may provide relevant documents and apply with the NIA to further extend his/her duration of stay and increase the number of extensions, if he/she meets any of the following circumstances:
 (a) Has been pregnant for more than seven months or less than two months after childbirth or miscarriage: Up to two months per extension.
 (b) Has been hospitalized for diseases or pregnancy, and may endanger his/her own life if required to go abroad: Up to two months per extension.
 (c) Has a spouse, a lineal relative by blood, a collateral relative by blood within the third degree or a relative by marriage within the second degree, and has been hospitalized for catastrophic illness or injury or is deceased: Up to two months from the day of occurrence.
 (d) Has met forces majeure, natural disaster or other unforeseen incidents: Up to one month.
 (e) Is deprived of liberty in accordance with law: Granted as required by circumstances.
2. Applicants who seek to extend their stay in accordance with the preceding subparagraph should apply at the NIA, following articles C and D of the Application Instruction. However, those entering the State permit-free are not required to submit entry permits when applying for an extension.

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