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0306 Notices for the Submission of National without Registered Household in Taiwan Area for Application of Residence in Taiwan Area – under age 20

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  • Source:Residency Section 2
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Governing laws:
Article 10 of Immigration Act.
Article 24 to 26 of Regulations Governing the application for residency in Taiwan Area of national without registered permanent residence in the Taiwan Area
Subjects: children born in overseas, resides in the Taiwan Area and has registered his/her permanent residence at a household registry in the area. The person is under age twenty (20)Required documents:
Residence application, with one color photo without hat (the same specification of photo for ID card)
The satisfactory health examination report within latest three months (the examination must be managed by public or private hospitals appointed by Ministry of Health and Welfare as well as satisfactory to the health examination checklist [table B]; the report is exempted for children between the age of six and twelve who only need to be examined for measles and German measles and related vaccination certificates are enclosed). Children under the age of six may use original or copy of vaccination certificate in foreign language certified by Overseas Office (the original will be returned upon verification) or the original, copy of vaccination certificate (or child healthcare handbook) issue by domestic medical institutions (the original will be returned upon verification) as alternativeOther related certificates:
The birth certificate with full name of parents in foreign language and Chinese translation verified by Overseas Office (the original will be returned upon verification). However, if the Chinese translation has not yet been certified by the Overseas Office, the certification of public notary of domestic court or private public notary is required.
The original, copy of passport of the Republic of China or entry permit; or the original, copy of passport of foreign county (the original will be returned upon verification).
The household registry which the father (or) mother has completed marriage registration (the original will be returned upon verification). If the marriage registration is not completed, the marriage certificate in foreign language verified by Overseas Office and satisfactory to local laws (the original will be returned upon verification) shall be enclosed otherwise. The non-legitimate child resides with mother shall have the original, copy of ID card or household registry (the original will be returned upon verification) and the Unmarried statement enclosed. The non-legitimate child resides with father shall have the original, copy of household registry which the father has completed acknowledgment registration enclosed.
The father or mother alone applies for the residence in Taiwan Area for minor children shall have the consent of parents enclosed (if parents are divorced, the consent of party who is entitled to exercise or assume the rights or obligations of children).If the child is conceived before the marriage and the mother is not a national with registered permanent residence in Taiwan Area when the child is born, the parenting blood relationship certificate issued by qualified public or private hospital or organization (institution) and the certificate of no marriage during the conception period (the conception period shall be from the 181 day to 302 day calculated retroactively from the birthday of child) certified by Overseas Office shall be enclosed if the applicant for the residence dependent to relative is pregnant before getting married and the mother is a national without registered permanent residence. However, it is exempted if the applicant has acquired the status of legitimate child pursuant to laws of foreign country and has the birth certificate specifying legitimate childe or the court’s judgment enclosed.The person who was born in China shall have certificates proving that he/she does not have no household registered in China or collect passport of China certified by Straits Exchange Foundation (hereinafter the SEF) enclosed otherwise.Certificate with correct registered household address: refer to household registry, ID card, house ownership certificate, latest house tax statement or original, copy of lease agreement (either one of five, the original will be returned upon verification). However, it is exempted if the registered household address is the same as the dependent relative with permanent residence in Taiwan Area and his/her household registry (or ID card).POA: the POA shall be enclosed for application managed by agent and the agent shall sign or affix seal on the signature/seal of agent in person.
Certificate fee: NT$ 600 for domestic application; NT$900 for application managed abroad (including the copy of single entry permit)
The self-addressed envelope with postage stamps for registered mail and the name, zip code and telephone of recipient
Other related certificate as necessary.Notices:
If the information regarding the application for residence in Taiwan Area is unsatisfactory or insufficient, it shall be corrected within fifteen days from the next day of receiving written notice of NIA (the correction period shall be three months if the application information shall be applied to foreign country or the application is managed abroad). For failure to make correction by deadline, the NIA will reject its application.
The standards for calculation of age under 20: based on the date of application received by all service centers of NIA (hereinafter the Service Center) or Overseas Office.
If the documents required is in prepared in foreign country, they shall be certified by Overseas Office. If the documents are in foreign language, the NIA may request the applicant to enclose the transaction in Chinese certified by Overseas Office or domestic public notary enclosed. However, the documents prepared in Hong Kong, Macau or China shall be verified by the agencies established by the government in Hong Kong, Macau or SEF.
The application shall be filed by the deadline of legal residence if the applicant has entered the county. Those who enter the county against passport of the Republic of China, NIA will cancel his/her entry permit simultaneously when the NIA approves for the residence and the residence certificate will be mailed with the envelop enclosed by the applicant. Those who entered the county against foreign passport shall collect the residence permit from service center where the household is registered with foreign passport and related documents according to the content of letter.
The applicant living abroad may file application to Overseas Office, and the Overseas Office will submit the application to the NIA for review. After the NIA has mailed the entry permit and copy of residence certificate of Taiwan Area to Overseas Office and forwarded to the applicant, the applicant shall enter the county before the expiration of such copy (valid for six months from the next date of issuance) and collect the residence certificate from the Service Center (it takes three days to switch the copy to original).
The applicant shall manage household registration at the household registration office where the household is to be registered within thirty days from the next date of receiving the residence certificate. For first exit of country after the conversion of status upon household registration, the applicant shall apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for passport with ID No. before leaving the country.
Application place and information inquiry: service centers of the NIA in all municipal cities, counties (cities)
Time as required for the review: seven days (excluding the reception day, holidays, document supplementation and mailing period)