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0401 Notices for submission of Hong Kong and Macau citizens for entry/exit application – visitor visa (apply at the counter with hard copy)

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Application procedures:
In Hong Kong or Macau: apply to the institution established or appointed by the Executive Yuan or designated private organizations (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Macau), and the application will be forwarded to National Immigration Agency of MOI (hereinafter the NIA) for management upon approval. The second application may be filed directly to the NIA.
Overseas: apply to Overseas Office, representative offices, offices or other agencies authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the application will be forwarded by the resided personnel of NIA upon approval.Required documents:
Entry/exit application, with 2” color photo taken within latest two years (same as the specification of ID card)
One original and copy each of Hong Kong or Macau permanent residence ID card and Hong Kong or Macau passport (the original will be returned upon verification)
Certificate fee: NT$ 600 for single entry/exit, renewable permit, NT$1,000 for multiple entry/exit permit in one year and NT$2,000 for multiple entry/exit permit in three years.
The self-addressed envelope with postage stamps for registered mail and the name, zip code and telephone of recipient
POA(exempted for application in person)
For application of seeking long-term job in Taiwan pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 11 of the Act, the qualifications as set forth in article 2 of Regulations Governing the Review and Issuance of Visa for Foreign Professional Seeking jobs in Taiwan shall be satisfactory and the following documents shall be enclosed otherwise:
The checklist for entry/exit permit for seeking long-term jobs
Job seeking plan
The certificate of average salary in recent six months
Certificate of education and experiences
Financial statement of NT$100,000 and above or value in equivalent
The certificate of medical and full hospitalization insurance during the residence period in Taiwan Area
Certificate of no criminal record
Other documents as stipulated by central competent authorities of the field concerned.
The lineal ascendant of special professional approved for the residence pursuant to paragraph 3 of article 11 of the Act shall have documents as set forth in paragraph 1 to paragraph 5, relative relationship certificate and copy of effective residence certificate for special professional enclosed.Notes
The single entry/exit permit issued to those who come to Taiwan upon approval shall be valid for six months from the next day of issuance. They may enter the country once within the validity period. For failure to enter the county within validation period, the applicant may file to the Agency for extension once before the expiration. For those who need to come Taiwan frequently, the renewable permit or multiple permits may be issued for one or three years from the next date of issuance. The entry/exit permit for seeking jobs over long term shall be valid for three months from the next date of issuance. Must be renewed online for further entry/exits. Each renewal shall be six months from the next date of online approval. However, it shall not exceed the validity on the entry/exit permit.
Those who are approved to come Taiwan shall not stay over three months from the next date of entering the country, and may apply for extension once for period no more than three months. However, those who come to Taiwan in accordance with paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 of article 11 of the Act shall be exception.
The second application of those who stay in Taiwan beyond the deadline, or engage in activities inconsistent with the purposes as approved may be rejectedThe address of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong:
Address: Suites 4908, 49 floor, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Macau:
No. 411- 417, Edif. Dynasty Plaza, 5 Andar J-O, Macau
Application place and information inquiry: service centers of NIA in municipal cities, counties (cities). For related information, please visit NIA website.