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Improving the Digital Proficiency of Taiwanese New Immigrants

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With the goals of improving services for diverse ethnic groups, and promoting digital equality among all citizens regardless of their cultural or socioeconomical statuses, the Ministry of Education has proposed a project titled “Steps Towards Digital Equality”. This project involves the collaborated effort among seven Taiwanese governmental ministries. Under this project, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) has proposed a corresponding sub-project titled “Improving the Digital Proficiency of Taiwanese New Immigrants”, whose details are described next.


1.Developing diverse digital proficiency courses for the New Immigrants

The NIA will continue to develop digital proficiency courses with novel and diverse themes. The courses will be designed for the New Immigrants at various levels of digital proficiency.

2.Providing free, hands-on courses to the New Immigrants

In addition to digitally distributed courses, the NIA will provide hands-on courses to the New Immigrants and their children at no cost. Also, to promote attendance, the NIA will deploy “Learning Vehicles” into regions where the New Immigrants reside. These vehicles will be used to provide hands-on digital proficiency classes to local New Immigrants, with the flexibility to match their daily schedules.

3.Promoting digital learning in the New Immigrants

The NIA will continue to maintain and supply the digital contents on the New Immigrants in Taiwan Website, which offers online learning, electronic books, and other intellectual contents to the New Immigrants. The website will continue to offer multi-lingual and mobile versions, to facilitate access by the New Immigrants.

4.Cultivating New Immigrant lecturers and teaching assistants

The NIA aims to cultivate regular attendants of the digital proficiency courses into lecturers and teaching assistants, so that these previous trainees can pass on their knowledge to their New Immigrant colleagues. The NIA envisions this strategy to be a way to involve more New Immigrants and broaden the impact of the project.


The NIA will continue to promote digital proficiency of and online learning for the Taiwanese New Immigrants, through a combination of the following activities: development of digital proficiency courses, improvement of attendance of various activities by the New Immigrants, and facilitating the adoption of digital technologies by the New Immigrants. The NIA envisions that these activities will help the New Immigrants to better utilize the digital resources around them, to acquire practical skills for work and living, and to adopt a smoother transition into the local lifestyle in Taiwan.