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Prevention Against Trafficking In Persons

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Human trafficking is a serious violation against human rights and is viewed as a modern form of slavery. The international community and our country have placed keen attention on this matter and have continuously implemented preventative measures, aiming for total eradication of trafficking cases.
 The Executive Yuan had promulgated the “Human Trafficking Prevention Action Plan”in November 2006 and had set up Coordination Meeting for the Prevention of Human Trafficking in 2007. The NIA coordinates resources within governmental departments and proactively carries out the plan. Besides, the Human Trafficking Prevention Act had been legislated in January 2009 and became effective in June 2009, which puts severe penalties on criminals whereas offers protection to victims.Therefore, Taiwan is ranked as a Tier-1 country in the“Trafficking in Persons Report”by the U.S. Department of State for 14 consecutive years since 2010, indicating that our efforts are recognized globally. 
Taiwan shares the 4Ps strategic plan with the international community on human trafficking prevention, including prosecution,protection, prevention, and partnership.
1. Prosecution
The prosecutor and police authority assign a specific task force to coordinate the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.
2. Protection                   
The victims are provided with protection including shelters,care, psychological counseling, medical assistance, translation, legal services, compansion during interrogation, issuance of temporary visiting visas and work permits, and escorting them back to their countries of origin.
3. Prevention
In order to raise public awareness of the issue of human trafficking, the NIA promotes the idea through multiple channels including the media and other kinds of activities. Interministerial trainings on general knowledge of human trafficking prevention as well as workshops on related fields are held annually to strengthen their professional skills and capabilities of the frontline officers.
4. Partnership
The NIA has invited officials from other countries and experts and scholars of NGOs to participate in the “International Workshops on Combating Human Trafficking” every year for the purpose of updating information and knowledge of human trafficking prevention from other countries, incorporating resources of NGOs,and connecting with the international community.The NIA has also signed memorandum of understanding on immigration affairs and human trafficking prevention with international counterparts to strengthen international cooperation.