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International and Cross-strait Cooperation

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  • Source:Foreign Affairs Section
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1. Under the principle of equality and reciprocity, international collaborations are enhanced and communication channels are established in order to provide services to overseas compatriots and combat transnational crimes.

a. The NIA actively promotes collaboration channels with immigration authorities of other countries, the foreign representative offices in Taiwan, and NGOs in order to jointly counter transnational crimes, protect human rights, and assist bilateral expatriates in coping with matters regarding visit, residence, and emergency aid.

b. To work closely with other countries and international NGOs, the NIA signed Memorandum of Understanding regarding immigration affairs and human trafficking prevention with Mongolia, Indonesia, the Gambia, Honduras, Vietnam, Paraguay, the U.S., the Solomon Islands, Belize, Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Japan, Guatemala, Swaziland, Nauru, El Salvador, Republic of Palau, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Marshall Islands, Belgium, Australia and Philippines.

2. Pursuant to the “Cross-Strait Joint Crime-Fighting and Judicial Mutual Assistance Agreement” and under the principle of “comprehensive cooperation and crackdown on major crimes”, the NIA and the immigration authority of mainland China exchange visits and share ideas each year to establish cooperative mechanism to apprehend and deport the criminals involving in human trafficking, smuggling, and other illegal affairs across the strait.