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Immigration Care Guidance

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To assist new immigrants in adapting to life in Taiwan and to elevate national competitiveness with their multicultural advantages,the NIA cooperated with various government depar tments to promote“Measures of Caring Service for New Immigrants”and formulated 8 major care and counseling measures, which are offering assistance in adapting to living in Taiwan, accessing medical care,protecting employment rights, promoting cultural education, assisting children's education, protecting personal safety, completing a legal framework, and fulfilling the promotion of principles.
The measures the NIA took to take care and assist new immigrants include subsidies to local governments to carry out “Life Adaptation Counseling Plan”, by which their family membersin Taiwan are encouraged to take part in all related activities; the use of“New Immigrants Development Fund”to subsidize public and private sectors to offer foreign and mainland Chinese spouses care and counseling;“Hotline for Foreigners in Taiwan”(0800-024-111) to provide free, real-time services in 7 languages, namely Chinese,English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Khmer; the cultivation of second generation of the immigrants to accumulate human capital of Taiwan; the service centers for immigrants when they first arrive in Taiwan, family education courses, ”The Mobile Service ”in rural areas and a caring network for foreign and mainland Chinese spouses to help them adjust to new life in Taiwan.