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The vision of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior

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The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has experienced several organizational changes, due to the amendment of regulations and the organizational functions. Its business scope includes human flow management, prevention of human trafficking, care and assistance of immigrants, cross-strait interactions and exchanges, international interaction and cooperation, protecting human rights of immigrants, and promotion of immigration policies.

NIA colleagues should have the same goal, mission, and core values, and strive toward accomplishing the following four visions: strengthen border management, protect national security, respect multiculturalism, and safeguard the human rights of immigrants.

Strengthen border management

In response to globalization, anti-terrorism and the intense cross-strait interactions, the NIA adapted many measures such as setting up high-tech equipment, elevating the quality of staff, enhancing the ability of document identification of first line staff, cracking down on illegal immigration, enhancing the exchange of intelligence, and sharing experience and international cooperation to strengthen the border security and human flow management .

Protect national security

In order to protect national security more effectively, the NIA reinforces inspection visits regularly, take control of the movement of immigrants, and prevent alien from overstay, working illegally, fraudulent marriage and human trafficking. Moreover, the NIA also reinforces the skills of border and domestic interviews, and uses Biometrics Verification System to increase investigation efficiency. The NIA also cope with the national security team and the cross-strait joint fight against crime mechanism to crack down proactively on illegal immigration activities.

Respect multiculturalism

The NIA makes efforts to strengthen the public’s respect toward the culture of the new immigrants, and helps the general public to embody the core value of multiculturalism. The new immigrants are encouraged to keep their original culture and languages in order to maintain the culture and language of multi-community, build a multicultural society. To accomplish the goal, various kinds of multicultural promotions have been held to make people understand that the cultural difference is worth admiring, learning from, and creating.

Safeguard the human rights of immigrants

For the purpose of ensuring immigrant human rights and welfare, the NIA implements measures such as reviewing, amending laws related to immigrants, creating a friendly environment, implementing immigrants counseling service in all aspects, and assisting new immigrants to adapt living in Taiwan. In order to enhance workforce quality of new immigrants, the new immigrant families and their children will obtain not only good care and assistance, but also good education. By doing so, national development and competitiveness can also be strengthened.