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Organizational Structure

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1100421新版英文組織圖     In accordance with Article 2 of The Organization Act of the National Immigration Agency, the NIA, headed by one Directorgeneral and assisted by two Deputy Directors-general and one Chief Secretary, consists of four divisions, four offices and four corps.The four divisions are Entry and Exit Affairs Division, Immigration Affairs Division, International Affairs and Law Enforcement Division, and Immigration Information Division.The four offices are Secretariat,Personnel Office, Civil Service and Ethics Office, and Accounting Office.The four corps are Northern, Central, and Southern Administration Corps, and Border Affairs Corps. In addition, the NIA Training Center was established in order to provide both new recruits passing the Civil Service Special Examination for Immigration Personnel and current staff with professional training.

    The NIA service areas cover all administrative districts across Taiwan, offshore islands and overseas. The headquarter is located at No.15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City.Specialized operation brigades, service centers, and 4 detention centers are 4 stationed across Taiwan. Furthermore, Border Affairs Brigades are established at main airports and seaports in Taiwan.Overseas nationals may receive our assistance of consultation on entry and exit affairs and other services at 28 offices abroad.