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入出國及移民法Immigration Act
臺灣地區與大陸地區人民關係條例Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area
香港澳門關係條例Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs
入出國查驗辦法Regulations Governing Immigration Inspection and Data Collection and Utilization
外國人臨時入國許可辦法Regulations of Temporary Entry Permit for Foreigners
過境旅客過夜住宿辦法Regulations Governing The Overnight Stay of Transit Passengers
外籍商務人士快速查驗通關作業要點Operational Regulations Governing Expedited Immigration Inspection and Clearance of Foreign Business Travelers and Foreign Frequent Visitors
舉發違反入出國及移民法事件獎勵辦法Regulations Governing Rewards for Reporting Violations of the Immigration Act
移民署National Immigration Agency
入出國事務組Entry and Exit Division
移民事務組Immigration Affairs Division
國際及執法事務組International Affairs and Law Enforcement Division
移民資訊組Immigration Information Division
北區事務大隊Northern Taiwan Administration Corps
中區事務大隊Central Taiwan Administration Corps
南區事務大隊Southern Taiwan Administration Corps
專勤隊specialized operation brigade; brigade
服務站service center
收容所detention center
國境事務大隊Border Affairs Corps
訓練中心Training Center
科技偵查中心Technology Investigation Center
公務機關government agency
主管機關competent authority; competent authorities
法律依據legal basis
居住臺灣地區設有戶籍國民nationals with household registration in the Taiwan Area
臺灣地區無戶籍國民nationals without household registration in the Taiwan Area
人流管理human flow management
外國人foreign national
無國籍人stateless person
台灣地區人民people of the Taiwan Area
大陸地區人民people of the Mainland China Area
香港澳門居民Hong Kong and Macao residents
未成年子女underage child; underage children
未婚未成年人士unmarried minor
團聚family reunion
外僑居留證Alien Resident Certificate; ARC
中華民國居留證R.O.C. (Taiwan) Resident Certificate
國民身分證統一編號National Identification Number
晶片護照electronic passport/ biometric passport/ ePassport
入出國日期證明Certificate of Entry and Exit Date
中華民國台灣地區入出境許可證Entry and Exit Permit Taiwan Republic of China
核發許可證to issue permit; issuance of permit
許可證持用人permit holder
許可證號碼permit number
來臺目的purpose of entry
查驗通關immigration clearance
證照查驗passport inspection
按捺指紋to be fingerprinted
免簽證入境visa-exempt entry
發證機關issuing authority
停留期限duration of stay
效期屆滿時upon expiration
臨時入國temporary entry
停留visit; stay
居留residence; residency
定居registered permanent residence
永久居留permanent residence; permanent residency
戶籍遷出Moving-out Registration
偽變造護照counterfeit passport; forged passport
虛偽結婚sham marriage; marriage fraud
禁止出國to be banned from exiting the State
禁止入國to be prohibited from entering the State
難民認定recognition of refugee status; determination of refugee status
多元文化cultural diversity
移民事務immigration affairs
移民資訊immigration information
移民政策immigration policy
移民人權immigrant rights
移民基金immigration funds
移民業務機構immigration service organization
移民業務廣告immigration service advertisement
婚姻媒合matchmaking; marriage matching
跨國(境)人口販運transnational human trafficking
逾期停(居)留to overstay; to overstay a visa; to overstay beyond authorized period of stay
非法聘雇illegal employment
非法移工undocumented migrant worker
非法移民illegal immigrants
收容to detain; detention
收容所detention center
收容異議objection to detention
強制出國; 驅逐出國to deport; to enforce deportation 
自願離境voluntary departure from the State
自行到案to report oneself; self-reporting
國家利益national interests
公共安全public security
公共秩序public order
犯罪預防crime prevention
國家安全national security
查察to investigate; investigation
審查會review committee
依個案處置to be on a case-by-case basis
續以收容to continue the detention; continued detention
司法程序judicial process
司法機關judicial authority
就業安定費employment security fees