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How shall a newborn foreigner in the R.O.C. apply for an ARC?

  • Date:
  • Source:Residency Section 2
  • Hit:1850
1. With regard to a foreigner born in the R.O.C. whose father or mother has an ARC or an APRC on the date of birth, either parent shall apply for an ARC of the newborn along with a certificate of birth and 1 2”x2” photo of the newborn, an ARC (APRC) of father or mother and charge of certificate at the local NIA service center within 30 days from the next day of the birth. Upon reception of a new passport, the nationality and passport validity will be noted thereon. 
2. In terms of the Nationality Act amended and enforced on February 9 2000, any infant born in the R.O.C. with either parent as a national of the R.O.C. from February 9 2000 is equivalent to a national of the R.O.C. and thus the birth shall be registered at the household registration office and an ARC may not apply.