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NIA Busting a Human Trafficking Syndicate Engaged in Prostitution under Cover of Stage Performance

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On March 10, 2015, the prosecutors of the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office led officers from the NIA Taoyuan City Brigade, the Taoyuan City Police Department Criminal Investigation Division and the Taipei City Police Department Wanhua Precinct in the investigation of a human trafficking syndicate. Armed with the search warrants issued by the Taipei District Court, officers divided into several groups went separately to Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City where they busted a human trafficking syndicate which illegally imported mainland Chinese women into Taiwan in the name of stage performance, then intimidated them into prostitution and exploited them. They arrested 13 members of the syndicate and seized a large amount of incriminating evidence on the spot. Now the case has been referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office for an expanded investigation. The NIA said that the human trafficking syndicate was a criminal organization led by the main suspect surnamed Chu, which worked with call-girl ring operators who looked for young mainland Chinese women for Chu and charged RBM¥30,000 for each woman. Chu and his accomplice surnamed Kuo then forged certificates of employment and notarized documents for the mainland Chinese women who were invited to Taiwan in the name of performing at an acrobatics show. In fact, they came to Taiwan to engage in illegal prostitution. The case had been investigated for over six months and it was found that the syndicate had imported six groups of mainland Chinese women totaling 82 and forced them into prostitution by brutally battering them and tearing up their entry/exit permits. After gathering sufficient incriminating evidence against the syndicate and judging that the time was right, The NIA Taoyuan City Brigade reported the case to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office which then served search warrants and made arrests, apprehending main suspect Chu and 12 call girl ring operators and three mainland Chinese women. The whole case has been turned over for further investigation for violation of the Human Trafficking Prevention and Control Act, the Regulations on the Relation of People between Taiwan and Mainland China and the Organized Crime Prevention Act, and for sex offences. The NIA said that in view of the increasing cross-straits exchange, the multiple means used by mainland Chinese to apply for entry into Taiwan and illegal groups that try to use this channel to obtain illicit gains, it will stem this illegal channel with confidence and capability through strict reviews and checks. It also said that people who want to visit Taiwan shall submit their applications according to their actual visit purposes without trying to take any chances and that those who engage in acts different from their visit purposes after arrival in Taiwan may violate the Regulations on the Relation of People between Taiwan and Mainland China and/or Criminal Code if the offence is severe and may be prosecuted for their criminal responsibilities and face compulsive exit and an entry ban as a result of an administrative disciplinary action.