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Immigration Management Illegal

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The global economy is expanding rapidly and the effects of globalization, inter-state business relations, tourism, schools, work and marriage come unceasingly. Coupled with the increasingly comfortable relationship between the two countries, the close relations of the citizens of the two countries, as large intergovernmental movements, at the same time also cause many lawlessness problems (regulation) by migrant residents in Taiwan, therefore, immigration management work Illegal becomes increasingly important from day to day.Our Dinas currently set up 3 large teams of northern, central and southern area affairs, 22 district-specific teams and 4 large shelters under the jurisdiction area, responsible for interviews of migrant residents, observation, investigation, shelter and shipping return. In ordinary times, the respective district-specific teams arrange services, conduct on-site inspections of the detailed list of migrant residents living in Taiwan over time, and make a list for the effectiveness of control implementation, when the immigrant population is involved doing activities that are contrary to law (rules), then dealt with according to law.Immigrants entering the country illegally or performing activities that are in conflict with the law (regulation) in Taiwan, after being questioned by our special team of Dinas and various judicial police units, our Dinas will take care of the shelter and return shipping. In order to ensure the human rights of the persons to be accommodated, our service shelters regularly organize seminars, provide legal assistance, medical services and various types of skills learning. In addition, improved laws of country entry and immigration of article 38, since 5 February 2015, foreign nationals residing in the holding period when the time has not arrived, should send the person accommodated to the Court to apply for further termination to be accommodated and extend the holding time, the limit maximum shelter is 100 days. At the same time, our Office is also actively accelerating the dispatching business, so that the person being accommodated can immediately return to the country of origin.