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Illegal Immigrants Management

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  As the global economy thrives, accompanying with globalization, transnational business, tourism, education, work and marriage boom vigorously. It is also because of the more harmonious cross-strait relations, there are more frequent interactions between people of Taiwan and Mainland China. Given significant immigration in recent years, illegal activities by immigrants has also grown, hence immigration management has become increasingly important.

  There are 3 major regional offices under the NIA: Northern Taiwan Administration Corps, Central Taiwan Administration Corps, and Southern Taiwan Administration Corps. These offices oversee 22 brigades and 4 detention centers; their functions include conducting interviews, investigations, detentions, compulsory exits, and deportations against aliens violating immigration regulations. Officers in each city/county brigades would conduct regular investigation of the aliens overstaying in the jurisdiction, and make a list to keep track of the outcome of the investigation. If aliens are found to be involved in illegal activities, officers will make further investigation according to related laws.

  Once aliens who have entered the country illegally or were involved in illegal activities are seized by the NIA officers or other authorities, they will be detained and deported by the NIA. Out of respect for the human rights of the detained aliens, a variety of services and activities (including legal consultation, medical care and craft making) will be provided regularly at the detention centers. In addition, the Article 38 of the Immigration Act has been amended to be more detainee-friendly. From February 5th, 2014, the NIA shall apply for a continuation of the detention period to the court prior to the deadline of the temporary detention. The maximum detention period is 100 days. The said amendment allow the detainees to be returned to their home country as soon as possible.