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1. Checking in and out of countryOur state departmental affairs team (hereinafter referred to as the team) functions in security management jobs in and out of tourist countries at airports, ports. Airport international and direct flights between the two countries, the port is spread in Songshan, Taoyuan, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taitung, Penghu, Kinmen, Tainan and Chiayi total 10 airports, and Keelung, Taipei, Suao, Hualien, Hoping, Taichung, Mailiao, Kaohsiung, Shuithou Kinmen, Liaoluo, Mazu Fuau, Baisha, Anping, Makung and Budai totaling 15 ports. The main tasks are to check tourist permits, prevent unscrupulous persons from using fake passports or documents (to be altered) and imitate (smuggle) smuggle illegally through checkpoints, bear heavy responsibility for the security of the state territory, and at the same time serve the citizens effectively, so that tourists coming in and out of Taiwan can also feel the high quality checkpoint service, forming a good country image.2. Control of country entryOur service is according to the "State and immigration law" of article 6, section 7 on the matter of prohibiting citizens from entering the country, and article 18, article 21 on the matter of prohibiting foreign nationals from entering the country, accepting cases from various judicial, intelligence, state, customs and taxation authorize to regulate the case of the country's entry ban, and by the team responsible for carrying out various types of supervision and inspection of cases of state-controlled control.3. Utilization of information and state territory technologyIn order to improve the effectiveness of the overall tourist checks and strengthen the security of the territory's territory, the team has established "Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)," Advanced Passenger Processing System (APP) ", extending the country's territory prevention line until before the flight schedule arrives, can effectively first filter out suspicious incoming, outgoing and transit travelers, such as pursued criminals, drug-smugglers, terrorists and other controlled objects, in order to advance prevention and treatment.In addition, "e-gate automatic checking system" is made, integrating recognition techniques for face biometric and fingerprint characteristics, providing practical services through checkpoints to citizens and some migrant residents who have residence status, tourists only need to first apply for registration, can use, time passes checkpoint only need 12 seconds; in addition to that since August 1, 2015, at major airports and ports throughout the country as a whole applied records and matching individual biometric characteristics (face and fingerprint characteristics) to immigrant populations, to prevent immigrants from imitating other people's status for in and out of the country.4.Services pass the state territorial checkpointsIn order to more effectively improve the effectiveness of the country's check-in checking services and to coordinate with the Executive Yuan's policy guidelines for keeping the weaker groups, the team at the lobby of the country's in-country permission checks established a special "Taiwan ARC Holders" counter and " ", So that Chinese and non-free mob people feel a warm home and friendly service; in addition to canceling the submission of the "foreign registration form" for foreign tourists who leave Taiwan, facilitating the procedure of checking out the country for foreign tourists; and continuously promote "Smiling, nodding" programs, selecting "Immigration Officials with the best service", to enhance the service culture of the organization; setting up a state territory interview space for Chinese couples, at the same time paying attention to human rights and services, enhancing the effectiveness of citizens 'in and out of citizens' checks and quality of services.5. Arrests of illegal immigrants of state territoryIn order to strengthen the illegal capture of immigrants using Taiwan to transit smuggling to other countries, transit flights between the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe, governed by the examination in the waiting room and transit room, if suspicious tourists find it immediately check and match identity, to prevent transit and smuggling.