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Enrollment and Usage for R.O.C. Nationals (with Household Registration in the Taiwan Area)

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Applicants aged 12 or above and at least 140cm height.

Documents for Enrollment
1. (Taiwan) passport; or
2. Entry/Exit Permit (via Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu), which can be used only at the Kinmen Port.

Procedure of Enrollment
1. Self-enrollment capability (no prior enrollment required):
Applicants can enter e-Gates after scanning their passports on passport readers at e-Gates. Subsequently, they can click on gateway screens to agree to store their facial images or then capture their fingerprints (fingerprints are optional). After e-Gates opened, their facial recognitions and registrations will be performed simultaneously. The entire enrollment and immigration clearance process take approximately 30 seconds per person.
2. Manual enrollment (prior enrollment required):
Applicants need to present their passports to immigration officers with their facial images or fingerprints (fingerprints are optional) captured. The enrollment will be completed once applicants confirm and sign application forms. The overall enrollment process takes about 1 minute, followed by immigration clearance at e-Gates.

Once enrollments are completed, applicants can use e-Gates for immigration clearance permanently. Re-enrollments are not required if applicants change to new passports.

1. Who are prohibited from exiting the State / Taiwan Area by law;
2. Who have been abroad for more than 2 years and have their household registration moved-out;
3. Who are unable to use e-Gates independently due to disabilities;
4. Draftees or servicemen involved in national security or confidential matters who have not been approved to exit the State / Taiwan Area or whose permissions for traveling abroad have been failed to transmit to the National Immigration Agency.

1. Passengers need to place their passports on passport readers;
2. After the first gates open, passengers need to remove their passports and enter the gates, the system will automatically verifying their facial images;
3. If passengers’ fingerprints were stored at their enrollment, they can present their fingerprints if verifications for their facial images fail;
4. The second gates will open for immigration clearance after biometrics verifications of passengers are completed;
5. If passengers’ biometric verifications fail and the second gates remain closed, immigration officers will assist them in person.