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Any new immigrants can write their stories about experiences of borrowing tablet PC. By sharing your story, you will get a lucky draw chance to win a PXMart voucher of max. NTD5,000!

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Story_banner_1200x450px_英文版-01 ✍From March 2 to May 31, 2020, for our new immigrant friends who have borrowed a tablet PC through this program, we invite you to take a photo related to your life after borrowing the table PC and describe your experiences in 150 words. Such as ‘This is a photo of our family trip. After I borrowed the table PC, I passed the driving test…。’,This is a photo of my daughter. After I borrowed the tablet PC, my daughter has become…’,This is a photo of my family in my homeland. After I borrowed the tablet PC, every day I can use the tablet PC to…’。

⭐ 5 Participation Awards 🎁 A PXMart voucher of NTD1,000.

💎 10 Finalist Awards 🎁 A PXMart voucher of NTD5,000

Winner AnnouncementJuly 10, 2020  For detailed information, please refer to 👉🏻 https://forms.gle/6MPrdQLw1M7ZDMMQ7 or dial the service line 📞0800-700-101

We welcome all new immigrant friends to submit your stories. Take chances to win the awards 👊👊👊