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Care and Counseling for New Immigrants

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There are already more than 570 thousand new immigrants living in Taiwan. With the aim of building a welcoming environment for new immigrants, the government has been implementing immigrant integration efforts through various measures to help new immigrants build networks within their new communities. Those aforementioned actions are under way to achieve the goal of raising Taiwan’s global competitiveness and upholding the human dignity and well-being of new immigrants.
1. Launching the Caring Service Program for New Immigrants
The Ministry of Interior launched “ The Caring Service Program for Foreign and Mainland Chinese Spouses “ in 2003(renamed “The Caring Service Program for New Immigrants” in 2016) which includes 8 broad areas: counseling service for life adaption, health care service, employment services, education opportunities, childhood care, personal safety, improving the quality of regulations, and promoting awareness. These measures are implemented by the related municipal authorities and local governments. Rolling reviews of these measures are conducted periodically by the related government agencies to correct any deficiencies.
2. Setting up the New Immigrants Development Fund
The Ministry of Interior set up the New Immigrants Development Fund in 2005 and has been funding NT$300 million annually to provide new immigrants and their children with support they need to adapt to their new communities.
3. Establishing the Executive Yuan’s Coordination Meeting on Immigration Affair
The Executive Yuan established a Coordination Meeting on Immigration Affair on June 16, 2015, with the aim of coordinating immigrant integration efforts and promoting new immigrants’ rights, building a friendly and multicultural society. The National Immigration Agency (NIA) acts as a coordinating agency in this Coordination Meeting.
4. Implementing the counseling service for life adaption
The National Immigration Agency funds 22 Municipal and County governments to support new immigrants in adapting to our community, through various outreach activities and educational materials.
5. Setting up Counseling Service for Life Adaption Hotline for Foreigners in Taiwan(Also known as International Community Service Hotline)(Domestic 1990, Overseas +886-800-00-1990
The National Immigration Agency provides toll-free hotline services in 7 languages including Mandarin, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and Cambodian. The hotline can provide information about visa, residence, border entry and exit, employment, taxation, health insurance, transportation, social welfare, education, medical care and personal safety.
6. Building IFI (Information for Immigrants) Network website
In order to integrate the resources of inter-ministries and protect the rights and interests of new immigrants, the NIA built the IFI Network website (https://ifi.immigration.gov.tw) in 7 languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Burmese, and Cambodian). The NIA also set up the official account of Line (ID is @ifitw) to provide information on welfare and rights of new immigrants offered by the related government departments and agencies.
The NIA remains committed to actively promoting the well-being of new immigrants. The NIA will keep providing new immigrants with the support they need to become established, feel welcome in Taiwan communities and help them integrate into the Taiwan society.