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Immigration News


  • Date:2018/11/3
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As the world gradually becomes an international village and borders between countries grow increasingly obscure, the movement of talents across the world has become a trend. To create a friendly environment for migrants, and to implement the government's policy of actively attracting and retaining foreign talents, the Executive Yuan has decided to change the coding format of the Uniform ID Number in accordance with the coding format of the National Identification Card. This move will help foreign nationals resident in Taiwan to better fit into Taiwanese society, thus providing another incentive to stay.

Dr. Hsu, Kuo-yung, Minister of the Interior, recently said in an exclusive interview with foreign media that the Ministry of the Interior is planning to remove "structural control". The current coding format of the Uniform ID Number (2 letters from the English alphabet followed by 8 Arabic numbers) will be changed to mirror the coding format of Taiwan’s National Identification Card number (1 letter from the English alphabet followed by 9 Arabic numbers).

This change will provide greater convenience to foreign nationals living in Taiwan, and increase their sense of belonging. After the change, foreign nationals can shop online, book tickets, register for medical care or membership using the same procedure as Taiwanese nationals. The Ministry of the Interior will coordinate with other ministries and important industrial and commercial groups to help integrate the information systems and facilities of the public and private sectors.

This groundbreaking institutional change is unseen of in most other countries. This change is equivalent to providing complete quasi-citizen treatment to foreign nationals, covering areas such as food, clothing, housing and transportation. It is a major milestone in immigration policy, and paves the way for the “attracting and retaining talents” policy. However, Minister Hsu also said that this program is still under preparation, but the MOI will spare no effort to accelerate the pace. Minister Hsu affirmed: "The Ministry of the Interior will continue to express the greatest goodwill to all migrants living in Taiwan, and we sincerely welcome foreign friends to come to Taiwan!"

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