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Immigration News

The NIA Has Achieved a Lot after Having Implemented Its Automatic Customs Clearance Service and Has Broken Three Records during the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Monkey, Including Three Million Registrations of Passengers for the Service, Thirty Thousand Passengers Who Use it to Clear the Customs Every Day and Thirty Million Passengers who have used it.

  • Source:Border Affairs Corps
  • Date:2016/3/2
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To welcome the arrival of the thirty millionth passenger who used the automatic Customs
clearance service, NIA Director General Mo Tian Hu waited at the arrival hall of the second terminal of Taoyuan International Airport to give away in person big prizes such as an IPad that was worth over ten thousand NT dollars and some postal coupons today. The lucky thirty millionth passenger was Mr. Zhan who lived in Keelung and just returned from Macau. Fortunately, he became the thirty millionth passenger who had used the automatic Customs clearance service.

The NIA said that thirty million passengers had used the automatic Customs clearance system until 2 March 2016 and that more than three million people have applied to get registered for the use of this system. Now this system is used thirty thousand times on average per day. During the 9-day lunar New Year holiday, it was used more than fifty thousand times on the 7thand last day of the holiday, breaking the highest record in one single day. 71.7% of the nationals who go abroad more than six times per year have completed their applications and 91.7% of the nationals who go abroad more than twenty times annually have applied, indicating that this system is gradually used more often.

This Internationalized Convenient Service Is Also Available for Foreigners

The NIA has already set up 53 automatic Customs clearance gates (or e-Gate for short) at Sung Sang Airport, Taoyuan International Airport, Taichung Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport and is setting up more. In addition to qualified nationals, multiple re-entries of Alien Resident Certificates owned by foreign nationals and passengers from the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao Areas are also qualified to use this service. Both security and efficiency are within this service which boost Taiwan's image as a high- tech nation on the globe.

Two minutes On Application, Lifetime VIP Service You Get

The automatic Customs clearance system mainly uses facial traits to identify passengers. With the supplemental identification of the little fingerprint, Customs clearance can be accomplished in 12 seconds. It takes only two minutes to get registered and the registration is entirely free of charge and no application form is needed. Nationals who want to get registered need to reach the age of 14, should be taller than 140 centimeters and must carry their passports and their second IDs (ID card, insurance card or driver's license) while foreign nationals and passengers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao Areas must have additional travel documents and the Alien Resident Certificate and apply at any of the NIA registration counters all over the country. Once registered, passengers can use it to exit the country right away. It only takes nationals one-time application and will get lifelong VIP service. Renewal of passport won't take another registration again.

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