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Application Information

Document requirements for foreign professionals applying for employment PASS Card(Serial No.0918)

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2013/4/15
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I. Purpose:

The documentation requirements for applications and issuing of foreign professionals employment PASS card.
II. Suitable Candidates:

Foreign professionals in accordance with the Employment Service Law Article 46, Section 1, paragraph 1 to paragraph 6;  to engage in the following work in the Republic of China must apply for an employment PASS Card:
Specialized or technical work. .
2. Overseas Chinese or foreigner investing in a government approved establishment, or a manager of such an establishment.
The following school teacher:
Professor in a public or registered private college, or foreign school for expatriates.
Qualified foreign language course teacher in a public or registered private senior high school.
Teacher in a bilingual school or a public or registered private senior high school’s bilingual department.
Accordance with the Supplementary Education Act, a full time foreign language teacher in a short-term cram school.
An athletic coach or an athlete.
In religious, artistic, or performing art work.
A researcher or hired consultant in a research institution of the governments at all levels.
III. Required documents for employment work permit.
1. Required documents for application of employment work permit.
Original review fee payment receipt.
Application form.  ( Form can be downloaded from the Labor Affairs Council’s Vocational Training website)
Hired alien’s roster (1 copy)
A copy of hired alien’s passport and diploma. 
Hired alien’s proof of work experience document (experience not require personal are exempt).

A copy of qualification or licensing document such as a certificate of the applicant. 

Foreigners with the relevant degree from domestic or foreign universities: documentation of alien with 2 or more years of relevant work experience.

Alien with over 1 year of service in a multinational corporation, and documentation of assignment to Taiwan.

Foreigners through professional training, or self-study, posses more than 5 years relevant experience, and have creative and special performance-related documentation.

*Special note on scholastic documentation:

Through public announcement, country-specific documents are required to be sent to our overseas diplomatic office’s inspector first.  Please apply for examination document first.

When sending in documents, please make sure the applicant retain the original or a back up copy.  After application (if the submitted documentation is a copy, please make sure it’s legible) the submitted documents will be filed in accordance with regulations, and will not be returned to the applicant.
A copy of the identification card of the legal representative of the agency, accreditation registration certificate, and business registration certificate or a photocopy of the business permit.
A copy of the employment contract.
If the applicant worked for 1 year previous to hiring at a Government Central Industry authority: a copy of Ministry of Finance’s annual income tax certificate.
If the employed foreigner is under 20 years of age, then a copy of the legal representative’s passports and agreement of employment documentation is needed.
In addition to the required documents for the various types of work described above, should attach supporting document: (by category, type)

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