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Immigration News

Amendment in entry of Hong Kong & Macau residents

  • Source:Border Affairs Corps
  • Date:2013/2/8
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According to Article 4 of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macau Affairs, amend description: The term "Hong Kong Residents" as used herein refers to persons who qualify for permanent residency in Hong Kong and who do not hold a travel document other than a British (Overseas) passport or a Hong Kong passport. The term "Macau Residents" as used herein refers to those who have the right of permanent residency in Macau and hold no travel documents other than the Macau passport; or those who do hold a Portuguese passport but obtained the document in Macau prior to the end of Portuguese rule.
Hong Kong and Macau travelers with dual or multiple citizenship are required to enter Taiwan as regarded alien travelers illegible for Hong Kong and Macau residents.

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  • Updated: 2013/2/8 17:38:00