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Sign up for the “2012 Multicultural Summer Camp for Children of New Immigrants”

  • Date:2012/6/28
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     Mother tongue is the root of a culture. Children of immigrants not only learn about the local culture of Taiwan, but also learn the mother tongue of their immigrant parents, so that the cultures of their parents could be passed on. This is also of great importance for building an integrated and yet multicultural society in Taiwan. The Local Service Centers of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) will hold a two-day multicultural summer camp through local immigration service centers in the period of July 2, 2012 (Monday) to July 25, 2012 (Wednesday), which allows the children of immigrants to know about the cultures and languages of their parents’ home countries. The summer camp aims to train children that can sing in their parents’ mother tongues and be able to participate in contests conducted in the mother tongues in the future. As a result, children will not only gain confidence through learning and being part in contests, but also enjoy a fulfilling summer vacation in our hands-on sessions and fun activities provided by the camp.

     The sessions in our summer camp are many, which include: learning the basic greetings of multiple languages, knowing about different cultures, the art crafts, picture books, children’s ballads of different countries, DIY activities, making their own multicultural picture books and so on.

     The summer camp is free of charge but with a restriction on the number of participants. Children of immigrants who are aged between the 3rd grade to the 6th grade of elementary school (based on the grade they belong to in the next school year) are welcomed to sign up. The registration will be available until the limit is reached. The date and location of the summer camp in your local area are as stated in the enclosure. Please sign up for the camp at local service centers of the NIA.

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