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From August 6 to October 16, the National Immigration Agency will hold “Advanced Training for Translators” (including 11 sessions across the country), and are now accepting registrations!

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2011/8/1
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  To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of existing translators and provide foreigners with perfect communication channels, the National Immigration Agency will implement “Translator Database-Immigrant Counseling Translator Advanced Training ”. Nationals and foreigners aged 20 or above and translators who have been included in the translator database, have participated in translation training courses held by relevant units, or been engaged in translation services are welcome to attend.

  The National Immigration Agency states, to create a friendly multicultural environment for foreigners in Taiwan, the Agency established the translator database in 2009, covering services such as social welfare, healthcare, justice, immigrant counseling, and others. In order to continue to strengthen the breadth and quality of translation services, the Agency commissioned the YWCA this year to implement advanced training for Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, English, and Russian translators, with training courses including case studies on relevant regulations of foreigners residing in Taiwan; case studies on the placement and protection rules of human trafficking victims and suspected human trafficking victims; case studies on the Employment Services Act related violations; case studies on relevant regulations related to domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, multicultural sensitivity and empathy; practical translation exercises, etc. Upon completion of the training courses, trainees will need to take written and oral tests. A training certificate will be issued to those who achieve a minimum score of 70 points.

  The National Immigration Agency also states that translators who want to participate in advanced training can register now. The training will be held from August 6, 2011 to October 16, 2011. A total of 11 sessions will be held across the country, of which 2 will be Taipei, 2 in Taichung, 3 in Southern Tainan, 2 in Eastern Taitung, and 2 in outlying islands. Please click on the below attachment (Translators Advanced Training Registration form) to download the details for each session. Feel free to contact the YWCA for any registration-related questions (Tel: 02-23140408 ext. 22 for Officer Ou and ext. 17 for Officer Huang), or contact business contractors of the National Immigration Agency (Tel: 02-23889393 ext. 2207 for Mr. Lee).

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