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Application Information

Notice for Transnational Corporations Inviting People of the Mainland Area to Engage in Business Activities in Taiwan(Serial No. 0513)

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2011/7/6
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1.The term “transnational corporation” in this notice refers to an economical entity which established subsidiaries or branch companies in two or more countries, which the parent company or the company itself conducts effective control coordinated decisions to engage in transnational production and operation, which the parent company or headquarters is located in a foreign country with subsidiaries or branches in Taiwan and meets with any of the following:
(1)Global assets reaching USD 2 billion or more prior to one (1) year for application.
(2)Issued a business operation certification under the scope of company headquarters by the Industrial Development Bureau.
(3)The number of domestic employees is at least a hundred (100), which fifty (50) or more have at least a vocational or higher degree.
(4)Domestic net operating annual income with at least NTD 1 billion.
(5)Regional net operating annual income with at least NTD 1.5 billion.
2、Suitable applicants:
(1)Citizens of the Mainland Area who is the person in charge or manager of the transnational corporation, or engaged in specialized or technical services for over one year may apply entering into Taiwan due to internal transfer within the transnational corporation.
(2)The spouse and children under 18 years of age of the applicant described from above may apply to accompany to Taiwan.
3、Required documentation: (one original copy and two additional copies of the application information)
(1)Entry Permit Application Form;a recent, colored, 2-inch “standard size” photo is to be attached to the form.
(2)Guarantee Statement.
(3)Resident I.D. of the Mainland Area, other documentation or copy able to identify the identity of the applicant.
(4)Project Plan.
(5)Applicants who comply to all of the required documentations by the inviting unit and have submitted the basic information of the inviting unit may within the past year skip documentation submission.
(6)Name list of the group (the name list is required for a group having two or more persons).。
(7)Document supporting the employment record and other related verifying documents
(8)The processing fee for single and renewable entry permits is NTD 600; the processing fee for multiple entry permits with a 2-year (or less) and 3-year validity are NTD 1,000 and NTD 2,000, respectively, included with a pre-paid registered envelope written with the name and address of the receiver (envelope not required if documentations will be retrieved in person; please notify whether applying for a renewable or multiple entry permit within the column).
4、Method of application:

The citizen of the Mainland Area apply to serve in Taiwan due to internal transfer within the transnational corporation must submit the application according to the following regulations:
(1)Applicant resides in the Mainland Area: The inviting unit shall make the application to NIA.
(2)Applicant resides in a third area: The application process is separately conducted, which the applicant shall submit the documentations of items 1, 3 and 4 described in the previous section, and prepare the electronic files for items 1 and 4, and make the application to an R.O.C. embassy, consulate or representative office abroad or other institutions authorized by the government (hereinafter referred as “R.O.C. embassy”); the inviting unit should prepare three copies of the application document and a copy receipt from the R.O.C. embassy and make the application to NIA. The inviting unit may make the application to NIA on his or her behalf if there is no ROC representative office in such third area.

For the application of above, the inviting unit should apply ten (10) workdays prior to the itinerary in Taiwan. For an urgent situation, the application should be made five (5) workdays prior to the itinerary. However, the application for any of the following should be made one (1) month prior to the scheduled itinerary:
(3)Initial application for a period of stay exceeding six (6) months.
(4)Initial application for a renewable entry permit.
5、Duration of stay and notice: :
(1)The initial period of stay for citizens of the Mainland Area applying to enter Taiwan due to internal transfer within the transnational corporation may not exceed three (3) years. An extension may be applied when the duration of stay shall expire when continual service is necessary, with each application shall not exceed three (3) years.
The spouse and children of the applicant described above may also apply for extension, having the same duration of stay as the applicant. 
(2)The inviting unit should assist in applying insurance for citizens of the Mainland Area applying to enter Taiwan due to internal transfer within the transnational corporation.
(3)The inviting unit is to inform the applicant that he or she may not transfer or have any part-time positions outside the transnational corporation. If resigning or the reason for application is gone, the individual must leave Taiwan according to the law. The inviting unit should report the situation to NIA and the relevant competent authorities within 3 days.

The single entry permit issued to the above applicant, spouse and children has a validity of six (6) months following the issue date, provided that a renewable or multiple entry permit may be issued if considered as necessary by the competent authorities, and having a validity for 1~3 years following the issue date.
For the above applicants her were issued with a single entry permit to enter Taiwan may apply to the NIA for a multiple entry permit with validity up to 3 years. The review is conducted by NIA together with the industry competent authorities. After issued with a multiple entry permit, the permit holder may enter/exit Taiwan multiple times within the valid period.
A single entry permit is allowed to enter and exit Taiwan for a single time within the valid period; a renewal application is available if the applicant fails to enter Taiwan within the period of validity for any reason within one month of the expiration date; the validity is six (6) months following the expiration date of the original permit.
The holder of a renewable entry permit within the valid period may enter Taiwan when including the approval statement of the inviting unit and renewing the permit; the validity of the renewable permit is six (6) months following the renewal date, and may not exceed the validity of the renewable entry permit.

(5)Any and all devices, equipment and stage properties brought into Taiwan by a professional of the Mainland Area required for engaging in activities shall be declared to the customs authority by producing the letter of approval issued by the competent authorities in charge of the end enterprises concerned. The said devices, equipment and stage properties may not be sold or transferred and shall be taken out of Taiwan upon exit.
6、 Extension qualifications and method:

Citizens of the Mainland Area is to leave Taiwan according to law after the period of stay shall expire or after the cause of applying to visit Taiwan ceased to exist, providing with an extension in case of any of the following conditions:
(1)The applicant has a first or second-degree relative, stepparents, father or mother-in-law, spouse or spouse of the children registered as a resident in Taiwan who is very sick, deeply injured, dying or has passed away.
(2)Encountered with illness, disaster or other special incidents.
An extension up to 2 months is given for the first situation; an extension up to 1 month is given for the second situation.
(3)Required documentations::

1、Extension Application Form.

2、Entry permit.

3、Extension Plan.

4、A valid I.D. issued in the Mainland Area.

5、NTD 300 (extension processing fee).
(4)Please contact a local county/city NIA Service Center to apply for extension.
7. Application and information inquiry: Applications may be made at the various county and city NIA Service Centers; please visit NIA’s official website for contact information. 

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