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Can a foreign caretaker who has lost one’s ARC close to the due validity of work exit directly on the due validity of work without applying for reissuance of an ARC?

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2010/10/1
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1. By law: In terms of article 59 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Immigration Act, where a resident certificate in the Taiwan Areas, an ARC, an APRC or a registration certificate of immigration business issued in terms of the Act or the Enforcement Regulations is damaged or lost, the application for exchange or reissuance shall be submitted along with required documents.

2. Since the Immigration Act defines definitely that the application for reissuance of a lost ARC shall be done, a foreigner shall apply for reissuance of a lost ARC in compliance with the Act despite of the due validity. A fine of NT$ 1,000 prescribed by paragraph 3 of article 59 of the Immigration Act shall be paid by a foreigner not bringing one’s ARC with oneself.

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