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APRC applications of Senior Professionals and Investment Immigrants

APRC applications of Senior Professionals and Investment Immigrants

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2010/11/17
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1.Legal basis:

a.Subparagraphs 2 and 3 of Paragraph 3, and Paragraph 4 of Article 25 of the Immigration Act.

b.Article 12 of the Regulation Governing Stay, Residency and Permanent Residency of Aliens, Immigration Act.

c.Paragraph 3 of Article 25 of Directions for the Applications of Aliens for Permanent Residency, Immigration Act.

To Apply
2.Qualifications Required:

a.aving professional skills regarding any technical fields in Taiwan or other foreign countries , such as the following:

i.New industries

ii.Key technologies

iii.Key components and products

b.Having special talents, great performances and experienced on the fields regarding technical research and development in Taiwan or other foreign countries.

Fields as the following:

i.Nano and Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology

ii.Photonics Technology

iii.Information and Communications Technology

iv.Automatic System Integration Technology

v.Materials Applications Technology

vi.High Precision Sensing Technology


viii.Resources and Energy Saving Technology

ix.Top of Basic Research

c.Having exclusive experiences or having remarkable achievement on the managements of:

i.Transportation (Ex: highway, high speed train, MRT etc.)



iv.Marine Transportation

v.Hydraulic Construction



d.Having professional ability, capability and having practical experiences on the fields of Science, Research, Industry and Commerce in which will offer effective and substantial benefits to Taiwan's economy, industry, education and welfare organizations.


1) Being the current or was the former adjunct professor, professor, associate professor, assistant professor in foreign universities.

2) Being the researcher, associate researcher or assistant researcher in a research institution.

3) Having a Ph.D. degree or have had received an international academic award.

4) Have written a specialized book.

5) Have engaged in research at a research institution.

6) Have conducted technical research and development at a technical institution.

7) Being experienced in management for over four years.

f.Having achieved exceptional accomplishments on international research and development that can upgrade Taiwan's industry.


1) Have been ranked in top three of the Olympic Game.

2) Have won the first place in Asian Sport Competitions.

3) Have coached a national sports team in the Olympic Game whose members have been ranked among the top five.

4) Have been ranked among the top three in the Asian Sport Competitions.

h.Have been ranked in the first place of an international competition regarding the fields of culture, art, technology, sports and industry.

2.Qualifications Required for Investigation Immigration:

a.Foreigners who have invested over NT$ 15 millions in a for-profit enterprise in Taiwan, and have provided five or more job opportunities for Taiwan citizens for at least 3 years.

b.Foreigners who have invested over NT$ 30 millions in an Investment Immigrant Fund appointed by National Immigration Agency in charge of related business for at least 5 years.

3.Required Documents:

A.To apply an Alien Permanent Resident Card (Plum Blossom Card), MUST prepare the following documents.

i.An application form: You may obtain the application form from the local municipals; any National Immigration Agency (NIA) Services Centers located in counties and cities or download the form from the NIA website ( and print it out in A4 size.

ii.Please attach a color photo to the application form. (Use the same format on your ID card)

iii.Your passport and a photocopy of your passport. (Passport will be returned)

iv. Your Health Examination Certificate issued within the past three months by any hospitals in Taiwan. The appointed Health Examination Certificate form is in (Form B) on your application form. This form is promulgated by the National Health Agency of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

B.Other certificates or documents that show your profession and capability.

i.The supporting document(s) issued by a central competent authority in charge of related business or- an authorized organization.

ii.The supporting document(s) related to the professional qualifications.

iii.Other supporting document(s).

C.If you meet the qualifications for investment immigration (a), please provide the following documents.

i.The investment permission and reference letters issued by the Investment Board of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science Parks or Export Processing Zones.

ii.The Corporate Change Registration Form.

iii.The No Tax Arrear Certificate and financial statement of the for-profit enterprise for the past three years.

iv.The register of employees for the past four years for any investor of an existing for-profit enterprise.

v. The register of employees who have joined the Labor Insurance for the past three years.

vi.Other supporting document(s).

D.If you meet the qualifications for investment immigration (b), please provide the following documents.

i.The certificate issued by the financial institution authorized by the Taiwan government.

ii.Other supporting document(s).

E.Application Units: Bring all the documents required and submit them to the local municipals, or any Service Centers of National Immigration Agency located in counties and cities.

F.Notes that Need Your Further Attention:

i.For those who meet the Investment Immigration qualification, once your submit the application of Alien Resident Card (Plum Blossom Card), your Alien Resident Certificate should not be invalid, and you will not be restricted by the 183 days reside in Taiwan.

ii.For those who meet the qualification that having professional skills regarding any technical fields in Taiwan or other foreign countries, if you meet the qualifications required, the Alien Permanent Resident Card (Plum Blossom Card) will be granted. In other words, you will not be restricted for the years reside in Taiwan.

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