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「Diverse Cultural and Radiant Taiwan」A Series of Activities for 2010 International Migrants Day Begin!

  • Date:2010/11/8
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「Diverse Cultural and Radiant Taiwan」A Series
      of Activities for 2010 International Migrants Day Begin!

      From now on to Dec. 5, 2010, National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior will be holding a series of activities to celebrate the International Migrants Day. The activities will include “Taiwan, the New Homeland: International Singing Competition”, “Taiwan, the New Homeland Essay Competition” and “International Migrants Day Carnival”. Welcome everyone to come and participate in these activities, no matter what your nationality is! National Immigration Agency plans to hold a series of activities prior to the International Migrants Day (18th December) set by the United Nations, in order to display the implementation of respect of cultural diversity and the cares of human rights, and the achievements of creating a friendly international living environment.

      The “Taiwan, the New Homeland:International Singing Competition” is to provide a musical platform for Taiwan’s new migrants and citizens to show their adoration of the land and their enthusiasm to Taiwan by singing out-loud. The registration & entry Period starts from now on to Nov. 10, 2010 by making phone call to the voice line to register and record the singing to enter the competition. There are individual and family group entries. Migrants are welcome to participate in the competition as individual entry. Citizens and migrants are welcome to team up to enter the competition as family group. In addition to singing in Chinese and Taiwanese songs, there are options of singing English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese.
      The “Taiwan, the New Homeland Essay Competition” expects to have Taiwan migrants and citizens to write down their touching stories. They can share the transnational work and life experience through words. The submission date is from now on to Nov. 10, 2010. The entries are divided into 3 groups which including migrants, natives and students of primary school. The work is preferred in story writing style and in 1,000 words maximal.
      The “International Migrants Day Carnival” will be held from 10am to 4pm on Sunday, 5th December 2010 in Arts Square of National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center. There will be the finals of the singing competition, performances of featured foreign cultures, carnival booths, puzzles games and lotteries. The carnival booths will include the areas for exotic food stalls, foreign folk culture and fun games etc. There are various prizes for winners of the puzzles games and lotteries.

      For more information, please go on to the website or call the event organizer of 2010 International Migrants Day at (02)2692-5880.

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