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Application Information

Vistor Visa Extension(Serial No. 0908)

  • Date:2010/10/19
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I. Receiving units: The local NIA’s service center.

II. Requirements:
1. The applicant who holds at least 60-day visitor visa without a stamp of no-extension.
2. The applicant shall apply for extension within 15days before the expiry date of their visitor visa.

III. Required documents (verify the original and take its copy).
1. A completed application form.
2. A passport with visitor visa.
3. Related documents:
(1) Joining family:
A. Household Certificate, Household Registration Transcript within three months, or ARC.
B. Relative documents such as Birth Certificate bearing the information of their parents, Marriage Certificate.
(2) Studying Mandarin:
A. An enrollment from a university language center.
B. An attendance record, but the first time extension does not need to submit the attendance record.
(3) Religious activities:
A. An invitation letter or other documents within one month from a religious group registered in Taiwan.
B. A registration certificate of the religious group.
(4) Circuit performers: An approval letter issued by the authorities.
(5) Foreign trainees: An approval letter issued by the authorities.
(6) Business activities and employment: An approval letter issued by the authorities.
(7) Those seeking medical treatment: A proof provided by a hospital within one month.
(8) Others: An approval letter issued by the authorities.

IV. Notes:

1. Foreigners who authorize an agent shall submit an authorization statement on the application form or attach an authorization letter.
2. The duration of stay starts from the day following arrival.
3. Those who hold landing visa or visa-exempt to enter Taiwan may not apply for extension.
4. Each extension must not exceed the originally permitted period on the visa. The cumulative length of stay must not exceed six months or 180 days.
5. In case of forces majeure or other major events and the stay period may exceed six months or 180 days, the visitor visa holder shall go the local NIA’s service center and apply for extension in advance.
6. Any ROC national with household registration in the Taiwan Area, after having entered Taiwan with a foreign passport, must first register with the Household Registration Office his/her relocation of the household registration outside Taiwan before the application being accepted.”
However, if the applicant is a draft-age male or near draft-age male who has not completed his military service obligation, his application will not be accepted in following conditions:
(1) Having neither an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for the purpose of military service nor an Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement on his R.O.C. passport.
(2) Being an overseas draftee who has resided in the Taiwan Area for one year or more.
(3) Having been subjected to conscription in accordance to the law and is being restricted from leaving the country.

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