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Application Information

How does a foreigner apply for a Lost Passport Declaration?(Serial No. 0904)

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2010/9/9
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I Receiving units:
1. The local NIA’s service center.
2.The NIA’s airport/harbor brigades.
II. Required documents (verify the original and take its copy).
1. A passport, resident visa, or reentry permit.
2.Documents that can prove the applicant’s identity.
III. Notes:
1. Foreigners who have lost their passports shall apply for this declaration personally.
2.Minors may have their father, mother, or guardian apply for this declaration.
3.Foreigners who have lost their passports shall apply an exit permit to the local NIA’s service center before leaving the country when obtaining a new passport or travel document. Also, foreigners who are an ARC holder shall change their passport information at the local NIA’s service center and apply for a reentry permit.
IV. Related service:
1. The NIA’s Web site: http://
2.Director-general’s Mailbox:

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