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Application Information

How does a foreigner apply for a reentry permit?(Serial No. 0907)

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2008/6/24
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I. Receiving units: The local NIA’s service center.
II. Required documents (verify the original and take its copy).
1. A completed application form.
2. A passport with resident visa.
3. An ARC.
4. Related documents:
  (1) Joining family: Relative relationship certificates such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Household Registration Transcript, Household Certificate, ID Card, or ARC. Foreign documents need to be authenticated by Taiwanese missions abroad.
  (2) Employment or investment: In-service Certificate.
  (3) Studying or learning Mandarin in Taiwan: Student ID Card or Enrollment Certificate issued by their school.
  (4) Missionaries: A letter from a religious group registered in Taiwan.
  (5) Long-term residents of Korean expatriates: An identity proof issued by MOFA and a work permit issued by the Council of Labor Affairs.
  (6) Foreign laborers who are applying extension: a related proof issued by the Council of Labor Affairs.
III. Processing time: First come, first served.
IV. Notes:
1. The application for reentry permit is free of charge.
2. There are two kinds of Reentry Permit: single use and multiple use. The validity of Reentry Permit cannot be longer than the holder’s passport. The applicant can apply for both a Reentry Permit and an ARC at the same time.
3. The Reentry Permit for foreign laborers is based on a principle of single use with one-month validity. Those who need to extend or shorten their period of reentry permit shall provide a written document from both the employer and the employee.The same as those who are applying for extension.
4. When an ARC revoked, its reentry permit is considered revoked as well.
5. Foreigners who are APRC holders can reenter the country with their APRC and valid passport.
V. Application Forms: Download application forms as follows:
1. Multiple-purpose Application Form for Foreign Residents
2. Multiple-purpose Application Form for Foreign Laborers
VII. Related service:
1. The NIA’s Web site: http://
2. Director-general’s Mailbox:

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