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Application Information

Applying to obtain Entry and Exit Date Certificates(Serial No. 0801)

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2010/9/9
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Persons, within or outside Taiwan, must abide by the following steps to apply for Entry and Exit Date Certificates.
I.When the applicant is applying within Taiwan, he/she must:
(a) If applying in person, complete sections 1 and 2;
(b) If applying by proxy, complete sections 1, 2 and 3;
(c) If a concerned party is applying for a third party certificate, complete sections 1,2 and 4;
(d) If applying for special purposes, complete sections 1,2 and 5.
II. When the applicant(for both R.O.C. and Foreign nationals) is applying outside Taiwan, he/she :
(a) Application form;
(b) For the applicant, authorized proxy or concerned party, A valid government-issued photo ID(one original and one copy in a A4 paper, original one returned upon verification);
(c) If applying by a concerned party, Government-issued documents verifying the relationship of the person whose certificate is being sought with the concerned party;
(d) Application fee NT $100, if application is filed within Taiwan; Cash equivalent of NT$100(subject to adjustments), if application is filed outside Taiwan.
Ⅳ. Application forms may obtained at the National Immigration Agency’s local service centers or overseas R.O.C. embassies, consulates or representative offices(They may be downloaded from the Internet).
Ⅴ. Location for Filing applications or making inquiries: One of the local service centers of National Immigration Agency. For further information, see the website of the National Immigration Agency.
National Immigration Agency website: http://
The email address of the Director General: http://

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