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Application Information

Instructions for Application for Residency Status by Foreign Nationals with Visitor Visas(Serial No. 0915)

  • Date:2012/11/1
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I. Legal Basis:
1. Articles 23, 24, 65, 70, and 71 of the Immigration Act (hereafter referred to as the Act.)
2. Articles 3, 6, 9 and 17 of the Regulations Governing the Stay, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Foreigners
II. Prospective applicants:
1. Any foreign national having made entry into Taiwan with a visitor visa valid for over 60 days and has not been restricted from an extension or imposed with other restrictions, may apply for residency and be granted an Alien Resident Certificate (hereinafter referred to as “ the ARC”) under one of the following conditions:

(1) Being married to a spouse currently residing in the Taiwan Area who is an ROC national with household registration in the Taiwan Area (hereinafter referred to as citizenship) or residency, or a foreign national with residency or permanent residency; however, if the spouse thereof is working under the permission granted in pursuance with subparagraphs 8 to 10, paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Services Act by the competent central labor authorities, the subject foreign national may not apply for residency;

(2)Being under the age of 20 whose lineal senior relative is an ROC national with citizenship or residency, or a foreign national with residency or permanent residency; if the kinship thereof is derived from adoption, the adoptee shall reside in the Taiwan Area with his/her guardian;

(3)Working in Taiwan under the permission granted pursuant to subparagraphs 1 to 7 or subparagraph 11, paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Services Act by the competent central labor authorities;

(4)Being an investor, or the representative of a foreign legal person, having invested over a certain amount of capital with the approval or review by the related competent central authorities;

(5) Being the person in charge of a foreign company approved to operate in Taiwan;

(6) Having the permission to apply for residency in Taiwan on a special case basis under diplomatic considerations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2.A “180-day visitor visa” holder whose visa is marked as “No Extension” may apply for an ARC, however, a “Working Holiday Visa” holder whose visa is marked as “Not Eligible to Apply for a Resident Visa or Resident Certificate” may not apply for an ARC.
III. Required documents:
(Any document issued abroad shall be attached with a Chinese translation validated by an ROC diplomatic mission in the respective locality. If the ROC diplomatic mission validates only the foreign original document, then the Chinese translation shall be notarized by an ROC court or a public notary.)
1.An application form:

(1) Please visit one of the NIA service centers to pick up an application form, or download the form from NIA’s website at, and print or copy the form in A4 size, filling it out completely.

(2)One recent photo of the applicant’s front face with no hat (4.5 cm x 3.5cm; the front face from top of the head to the chin shall not be shorter than 3.2cm or longer than 3.6cm; white background; front half length color photo).
2.The original passport and visitor visa (returned upon verification).
3. A Health Certificate of examinations (hereafter referred to as the Certificate) taken within the past 3 months indicating good health:

(1) An applicant who is applying pursuant to subparagraphs 3 to 6, paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act, is exempted from submitting the Certificate.

(2)Based on Subparagraph 1 and 2, Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act, if both of the applicants, applying for joining family, and the sponsor, whose purpose of stay in Taiwna is investment and employment, fall within visa waiver program then the applicants are exempted from submitting the certificate.

(3)Applicants who are 6 years of age or under may substitute “Vaccination Certificates” for the certificate.

(4)The examination items of the Health Certificate for foreign nationals who are applying for residency or household registration permission shall meet the requirements, which were recently announced by the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC), Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. For more information, please visit the CDC website (  The form “Items Required for Health Certificate (Type B)”, which is currently used by major hospitals should be selected to conduct examinations.

(5) For applicants whose health examinations are conducted overseas, the health certificate should be authenticated by the R.O.C. overseas mission. If the examination items in the certificate are inconsistent with the requirements announced by the CDC, the unexamined items should be conducted in Taiwan.

(6) The Health Certificate is valid for 3 months starting from the date of examination and the application must be submitted within the validity of the Health Certificate. (Please arrange the health examinations at a qualified hospital in Taiwan after entry as soon as possible).
4.The police records (hereafter referred to as the Records):

(1) An applicant applying pursuant to subparagraphs 3 to 6, paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act, or anyone less than 20 years of age does not have to submit his/her the Records.

(2)For applications based on Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act, the marriage status of the applicant and his/her foreign spouses (having already existed before they entering the R.O.C.) are exempted from submitting the Records.

(3)An applicant has to submit the Records issued by his/her state of origin within one year starting from the issuing date and not exceeding the validity stated on the document. (The Records should be issued by the nationwide competent authority of the applicant's state of origion, ie., the Records of a U.S. citizen should be issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (abbreviation as FBI) of the United States of America.)

(4)The Records shall contain the criminal history of the past 5 years.

(5) An applicant who has had residency in Taiwan previously, and is applying for residency after re-entry with a visitor visa, if his/her time outside the border of Taiwan is under 3 months, the applicant does not need to submit the Records of his/her state of origin.
5.Proof of current residence.
6. Related supporting documents, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 23 of the Immigration Act:

(1) Applying pursuant to subparagraph 1:
Supporting document(s) showing the completion of the marriage registration at the Household Registration Office, such as an original ROC Identity Card, original Household Registration Book or original Household Registration Transcript (returned upon verification).

(2)Pursuant to subparagraph 2:

a.The Complete Household Registration Transcript, or Alien Resident Certificate, of the applicant’s lineal senior relative issued within the past three months (returned upon verification).

b. Supporting document(s) showing the kinship to the applicant, such as a birth certificate or an adoption certificate issued by the court.

(3)Pursuant to subparagraph 3:

a.A work permit with validity over 6 months issued to foreign professionals by the Council of Labor Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the CLA).

b. A certificate of employment issued within the past one month.

c. Any applicant whose employment is exempted from the permission by the CLA in accordance with Article 48 of the Employment Services Act, may submit an approval letter issued by the related competent authorities.

(4)Pursuant to subparagraph 4:

a.An approval letter issued by the Investment Board of the Ministry of the Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the MOEA).

b. A roster of directors and controllers.

c. Amended Company Registration Card.

(5) Pursuant to subparagraph 5:

a.An approval letter issued by the Department of Commerce of the MOEA.

b. Foreign Company Recognition Form.

c. Registration form of a foreign branch company.

d. Enterprise Registration Certificate.
If the applicant is a representative of a foreign branch company, or a proxy of litigation or non-litigation and manager of a branch, he/she must submit his/her work permit issued by the CLA in addition to the aforementioned documents.

(6) Pursuant to subparagraph 6:
An approval letter issued by the related competent authorities.
7. Application fee: NT$1,000 for one year ARC; plus NT$2,200 for Visitor’s Visa changing to residency status.
8. Other supporting documents.
IV. Application submission:
1. Bring the completed application and supporting documents to the NIA service center within the locality of the applicant’s residence.
2.Do not file or re-file the application at any service center other than your city of residency.
1. Residency applied pursuant to subparagraph 1, paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Immigration Act, must be submitted 30 days before the visa expiry date.
2.Residency applied pursuant to subparagraphs 2 to 5, paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Immigration Act, must be submitted 15 days before the visa expiry date.
3.The ARC is valid from the day of issuance.
4. Any first-time joint-family applicant, based on the marriage to an ROC national with household registration in the Taiwan Area (having citizenship), is eligible to apply for a 1-year ARC only and shall be accompanied by his/her spouse.
5.An applicant who is an R.O.C. citizen and enters Taiwan with a foreign passport shall apply for “moving-out registration” with his/her local Household registration office before applying for an ARC with the NIA.

With respect to the application stated in the preceding paragraph, a draft-age, near draft-age male whose military service obligation has not been completed, and under one of the following conditions, his/her application cannot be accepted by the NIA:

Having neither an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate nor a notation of Overseas Compatriot Status marked on his ROC passport for the purpose of military service exemption;

Being an Overseas Compatriot, a draft-age male who has resided in the Taiwan Area for over one year;

Having been subjected to conscription in accordance with the law and is being restricted from leaving the state.
6.Applicants who cannot obtain an ARC before the expiry of their visitor visa must leave the country.
7. During the application process, if the applicant leaves Taiwan for any reason, his/her application case will be closed and will not be reopened. The applicant may re-file an application for an ARC in accordance with the instructions above if the applicant still meets the conditions stated in paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Immigration Act.

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