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Celebration of 60th anniversary brings original wedding party back together

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2009/7/28
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A very unusual wedding ceremony was held on July 25 in Taichung. 88-year-old groom Lin You-mao and bride Wang Sai-ying, 80, were celebrating their 60th anniversary. The pair managed to find their original bridesmaid Lin Jui-chu (now 83 years old), groomsman Lin You-ming (84), and flower bearers Liu Chen-chin (now 67), Liu Chen-chu (65), Lin Si-neng (71) and Lin Si-kan (68) to take part in the reaffirmation of their marriage vows. The eight participants can point to a total of 606 years of age, and all have numerous grandchildren. Everyone was delighted to come together again as they all vowed to do it again 10 years hence.

Lin You-mao came to Taiwan from Fujian Province in 1946. At his mother's request, he returned to his hometown to get married. The bride was a student a few years behind him in his middle school. The bridesmaid was his younger sister, the groomsman his cousin, and his nieces and nephews were in the wedding as well. The participants returned the day before the ceremony from places as far off as Hong Kong.

The Lins have four daughters and two sons, with 10 grandchildren. In November of 2009, they will welcome the fourth generation as one of their granddaughters-in-law is due to give birth. The Lins are blessed to be the family with four generations.

Mr. Lin is retired after a career at the Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture. He represented Taiwan in the 2007 Macau World Mahjong Championships, but did not do well in the contest. However, he and his son Lin Si-chiang celebrated their 10th consecutive championship in the Chingchun Cup Badminton Match, for which achievement the pair brought home a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

Lin continues to be active in sports, and often rides his 125cc motorbike with his wife. He has participated in the WorldVision 30-hour famine fast for the last 20 years as well. His wife, Wang Sai-ying, is currently a volunteer at the Taichung City East District Office. Seeing couples coming to the office to get a marriage license, then coming back shortly afterwards to file for a divorce, she found it hard to believe. After 60 years of marriage, Lin is a model husband who pays attention his wife when she speaks, according to Wang. Lin gives his entire salary to her, and for the past 60 years, he has never raised his voice to her even once. Wang believes that this is the secret to a long and successful marriage.

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