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Taiwan reports second severe swine flu case

  • Source:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Date:2009/7/28
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Taiwan, July 27 (CNA) A second severe swine flu case has been confirmed in Taiwan as the influenza A (H1N1) virus has spread widely in local communities, a health official said Monday.

"The second case involved a 39-year-old man with liver and kidney disease, " said Lin Ting, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control under the Cabinet-level Department of Health.

The man, a bachelor who lives with his mother, was hospitalized July 14 after developing swine flu symptoms and was transferred to an intensive care unit July 21, Lin said.

"The man is conscious, but his overall condition is not good, " Lin said.

As the patient, who underwent surgery in 2006 to treat liver cancer, has not traveled abroad in recent months, he likely contracted the virus in a local community, Lin said, adding that the man's mother and colleagues have not fallen victim to the infection.

The first severe swine flu victim in Taiwan is still receiving treatment in an ICU, Lin added.

Meanwhile, Lin said, this summer's first severe seasonal flu case was reported in northern Taiwan earlier this month.

The case involved a nurse at a medical center in northern Taiwan, who contracted the seasonal influenza virus from a 5-year-old boy, Lin said.

The 21-year-old nurse developed a high fever July 19 and was sent to an emergency ward after developing pneumonia. She later tested positive for the H3N2 virus, Lin said.

Of the 41 people who have had close contacts with the boy, only six were confirmed to have been infected by the same virus, including three nurses. Only one was a severe case, while the others were mild.

All of them, including the severe case, have recovered after taking the anti-flu drug Tamiflu, Lin said.

"Now is not the high season for seasonal flu, but the recent cases are worthy of attention, " Lin said. He urged frontline medical personnel to take precautionary measures when treating patients. (By Sofia Wu)

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