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Carefree Covid-19 Screening Program(Relief Measures for Foreign Nationals to Receive Covid-19 Screening)

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I.Project Name: Carefree Covid-19 Screening Program
II.Applicable to: Foreign nationals (including residents,  visitors, overstayers, and undocumented migrant workers )
III.Main Points:
1.Subjects won’t be charged for fees of Covid-19 screening. (depending on regulations of local government)
2.Subjects won’t be reported. (Hospitals won’t make a report to law enforcement agencies for encountering undocumented foreigners. Should such report being made, law enforcement agents will only verify the identity of reported subjects for purpose of facilitating their screening or treatment of Covid-19.
3.Subjects won’t be seized. (law enforcement operations won’t take place at screening stations or any entity that provides Coivd-19 screening.)
IV.Program Period: Starting from May 14th 2021. Date of program closure to be announced. 
V.Content: During the program period, foreign nationals (including residents, visitors, overstayers, and undocumented migrant workers) who find themselves having symptoms of Covid-19 are encouraged to receive Covid-19 screening at hospitals or screening stations. Any personal data collected from undocumented migrant workers or overstayers for the purpose of Covid-19 screening or curing will not be provided to the law enforcement agencies. During the screening or curing, undocumented migrant workers or overstayers will not be seized by the law enforcement agencies. 
VI.Channels of Information Publication: Public release of documents and videos of the aforementioned measures that can be posted on, for instance, government websites and social media of migrant communities in different languages.

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