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Covid-19 Disease Prevention Guidance to Overstayers

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Covid-19 Disease Prevention Guidance to Overstayers Under nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert, overstayers who find themselves having symptoms of Covid-19 are encouraged to seek medical assistance. Those who do so will not be reported to or seized by law enforcement agencies. Please follow these rules below to ensure prevention of disease: 
  1. Must wear a mask at all times when going out. Keep social distancing of 1 meter outdoors and 1.5 meter indoors.
  1. Avoid visiting leisure and entertainment venues.
  3. All family or social gatherings involving 5 or more people indoors or 10 or more people outdoors (those living together not included) are suspended.
  5. Avoid unnecessary movements, activities or travels.
Should you have symptoms such as cold, fever, or cough, or even had physical contact with a confirmed patient, do not take public transportation to reach for medical help. Please call the National Immigration Agency or 1955 the hotline for arrangement of dedicated medical assistance.

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