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0920 Notices for the submission of application of stateless people from Indian and Nepal for stateless alien residence certificate Hong Kong and Macau citizens for entry/exit online

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  • Source:Residency Section 2
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Governing laws: 
paragraph 4 of article 16 of Immigration Act
Subjects: the applicant shall apply for alien residence certificate of stales people as satisfactory to conditions as follows:
Stateless people from India or Nepal who have entered the Taiwan Area before 29st June 2016 and cannot be repatriated may be allowed to reside in the Taiwan Area by the NIA
Their status has been identified by the review meeting which convened by the central authorities in charge of the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs.
Those who enter the State with India IC certificate, Indian or Nepal passport or their minor children who were born in Taiwan are satisfactory for the residence application against special review.Required documents:
Application and 2” photo without hat taken within recent three months (same as the specification of ID card)
One original and copy each of passport for latest entry (enclose the copy if the original is forfeited by the court) or one original and copy each of India IC certificate. The minor children of applicant who were born in Taiwan shall have birth certificate and the parenting blood relationship certificate issued by hospitals qualified by central competent health and welfare authority enclosed.
The satisfactory health examination report within latest three months: the health examination table must be the “health examination checklist” [table B] adopted by all major medical institution published by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan.
Residence address certificate (for lease agreement, the ID certificate or household registry of cohabited relative with registered permanent residence in Taiwan Area)
The identity certificate identified by central authorities in charge of the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs and identity and “residence information checklist for suspicious stateless people from India and Nepal entering the State before June 29, 2016(see attachment)” (copy provided by service center of NIA)
The certificate of investigation results of judicial institution (enclose if applicable, supplemented if not available)
Certificate of forged passport held as entering the State confirmed by MOF (copy provided by NIA's Specialized Operation Brigades).Certificate fee: NT$1,000 for alien residence certificate of stateless people valid for one year
Application method: the applicant manages with service center of NIA in all municipal cities, (counties) cities where the residence is situated in person.Related matters:
The certificate of investigation results of judicial institution referred herein means holding forged, altered passport or fraudulent use of other’s identity which is guilty determined by the prosecutor with indictment, non-prosecutorial disposition, deferred prosecution enclosed.
For stay beyond deadline, the fine between TN$2,000 and NT$10,000 will be imposed in accordance with article 85 of Immigration Act.
For those who have been approved, the alien residence certificate of stateless people will be issued and multiple re-entry permit will not be issued.