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Governing laws:
letter (89) Nei-Hu No. 8964805 of MOI dated on February 21, 2000Subjects:
Those who were born in the county during the period from February 20, 1980 to February 9, 2000, and their mother are nationals with registered permanent residence in Taiwan Area and fathers are foreigners (i.e. minor children born in the country when the Nationality Act was amended on February 9, 2000).Required documents:
Residence application, with one color photo without hat (the same specification of photo for ID card
Original, copy of passport of foreign (or the country) country (the original will be returned upon verification) .
The original, copy of mother’s household registry or ID card (the original will be returned upon verification).
The original, copy of birth certificate in Chinese or English issued by domestic medical institutions (the original will be returned upon verification)
The original, copy of alien residence certificate (the original will be returned upon verification, exempted if not applicable)
POA: the POA shall be enclosed for application managed by agent and the agent shall sign or affix seal on the signature/seal of agent in person.
Certificate fee: NT$ 600
The self-addressed envelope with postage stamps for registered mail and the name, zip code and telephone of recipient
If the applicant is a minor child, the consent of parents shall be enclosed; if the parents are divorced, the consent of party exercising or assuming the rights and obligations of children shall be acquired.Notices:
If the information regarding the application for residence in Taiwan Area is unsatisfactory or insufficient, it shall be corrected within fifteen days from the next day of receiving written notice of NIA (the correction period shall be three months if the application information shall be applied to foreign country or the application is managed abroad). For failure to make correction by deadline, the NIA will reject its application.
Those who enter the county against passport of the Republic of China, NIA will cancel his/her entry permit simultaneously when the NIA approves for the residence and the residence certificate will be mailed with the envelop enclosed by the applicant. Those who entered the county against foreign passport shall collect the residence permit from service center where the household is registered with foreign passport and related documents according to the content of letter.
For first exit of country after the conversion of status upon household registration, the applicant shall apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for passport with ID No. before leaving the country.
Application place and information inquiry: service centers of the NIA in all municipal cities, counties (cities); for contact information, please visit the website of NIA