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NIA re-emphasizes policies for controlling the African swine fever and penalties of illegally importing meat products

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There has been a rise in cases where meat products containing the virus of African swine fever were illegally smuggled into Taiwan. For instance, police recently reported that a Vietnamese family illegally carried corrupted pork products into Taiwan. To make things worse, food products containing such corrupted meat has been distributed to more than a thousand of local restaurants and shops. Illegal activities like this represent a significant threat to the safety of Taiwanese swine, and can devastate the local pork industry, which has made up a significant component of the Taiwanese economy and food production processes.To raise awareness of the policies related to the African swine fever, NIA has released disease-control policies in 7 languages, aimed at educating all Taiwanese New Immigrants about the issue.NIA also repeatedly reminds the New Immigrants to prohibit from the following three activities: (1) do not bring meat products into the Taiwanese border during personal or business trips, (2) do not have meat products delivered into Taiwan, and (3) do not visit animal husbandries while visiting other countries.Violation of (1) can be fined up to 1 million NT dollars, while violation of (2) can lead to imprisonment of up to 7 years and fines of up to 3 million NT dollars.To protect the Taiwanese pork industry from this urgent situation requires the effort from all Taiwanese citizen and new immigrants. NIA and its Hsinchu city branch encourage everyone to pass on these important information and policies to families and friends.