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National Immigration Agency, MOI kicks off its service of application for “Aliens Citizen Digital Certificate”

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Any Citizen Digital Certificate IC card holder can apply for「Entry/Exit Dates Certificate」onlineAs long as aged 18 or above and holding a chip-embedded Alien Resident Certificate card issued by MOI, an alien can apply for 「Alien Citizen Digital Certificate」.(hereafter referred to as 「Alien Certificate」) National Immigration Agency, MOI announced that the service of 「Alien Certificate」officially kicks off on Apr. 25 and the applicant can visit any service center of NIA for application. Once obtaining the「Alien Certificate」, the foreigner living in Taiwan can enjoy the e-government services through the internet and appreciate the convenience and friendliness in Taiwan even more.National Immigration Agency was quoted as saying: “For a long time, the foreigners based in Taiwan usually have had to visit government offices in person and could’ve done the business after their identities having been verified. It was an extremely onerous and time-consuming ordeal for them. However, from now on, thanks to the service of 「Alien Certificate」 which can verify the identity of its owner through the internet, the foreigners can cut back a lot of their time going through the procedures and will be entertained with the convenience, swiftness and high security provided by the infrastructure of Taiwan government.”It is estimated that NIA’s service centers around Taiwan will launch the service of application for「Alien Certificate」since Apr. 25, 2016. Any alien aged 18 or above can apply at any service center of NIA with his/her chip-embedded Alien Resident Certificate card. The holder of 「Alien Certificate」 IC card can utilize the 「Certificate of Entry/ Exit Dates Online Application」service at NIA’s website. The application procedures of 「Alien Certificate」are as follow:Apply in person: The applicant must bring his/her Alien Resident Certificate card.
Pay online: The applicant must go to the “Alien Customized Page” at MOICA’s website and make the payment(IC card fee NTD250 +postage NTD25) with credit card within 15 days of application.
Activate IC card: The Alien Citizen Digital Certificate IC card will be mailed to the applicant’s address. Once receiving the IC card, the applicant shall go to the “Alien Customized Page” at MOICA’s website to activate the IC card online.The validity of「Alien Certificate」is 5 years. The IC card will show the name of its holder and expiration date and can be used as ID on the internet. It will take 10 working days to mail the IC card on Taiwan mainland and take another 2-3 working days to offshore islands.(only domestic mail is available) If an alien acquires citizenship and still needs the Citizen Digital Certificate, he/she must go to Household Registration Office personally to apply for the certificate all over again as Taiwan citizen. For more information, please go to MOICA’s website(http://moica.nat.gov.tw) for reference. Customer service hotline: 0800-080-117; business hours: 07:00~23:00, Mon through Fri.