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The NIA Holds a Poster Design Contest on Human Trafficking Prevention, Offering NT$150,000 as Prizes

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  • Source:Anti-Human Trafficking Section
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To promote the prevention of human trafficking, the NIA has organized a poster design contest. Contributions are solicited between 14 March and13 May 2016 and the public is invited to participate in the contest. The total reward is as much as NT$150,000 and the first place winner can walk away with NT$50,000.
The prevention of human trafficking and the defense of human rights have always been one of the key goals of the policies of the Taiwan government. The US State Department graded Taiwan as the first tier country in the fight against human trafficking last year. Actually, Taiwan has won the honor of being graded as a first tier country for 6 consecutive years. In addition, the NIA has made efforts for years to educate the public about the prevention of human trafficking and to use various media and contests to promote the concepts of human trafficking prevention. As a result, the number of human trafficking victims has been declining year after year, clearly demonstrating the growing effect of these efforts.
The NIA adopts digital drawing for its poster design contest this year.Contesters’ creative concepts must be based on four Ps as their main themes, including Prevention, Prosecution, Protection and Partnership. The details on how to sign up for the contest and other information may be accessed by logging on to our website especially set up for this contest at http://event.kayelu.com/2016ipdc.