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Prevention of Human Trafficking

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Trafficking in human rights violates human rights, has been regarded as a chaos of present-day slavery, Taiwanese and other countries of the world are deeply concerned, and are continuing to promote prevention-related work in the hope of thoroughly eliminating trafficking cases.Taiwan State in November 2006 through Executive Yuan announced the "Action Plan for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons", and in 2007 established the "Executive Yuan Trade Prevention Coordination Coordination Report", our Office is responsible for integrating the resources of various departments, actively coordinating the promotion of the implementation of the work prevention of trafficking. In January 2009 the legislation process of "Trafficking in Prevention of Trafficking in Persons" was completed, in June of the same year the law enacted severe punishment rules for perpetrators of crimes and provided protection assistance to victims, making Taiwan's human trafficking prevention work a good result. Since 2010, it has been sixth consecutive year to get the country's No.1 ranking rating of the US Department of State's human trafficking report, pointing out that Taiwanese countries in promoting the overall preventive action of human trafficking continue to gain recognition from the international community.Important points of the work of prevention of trafficking of countries in Taiwan synchronized with the international, currently applying the 4P side including prosecution prosecution, protection, Prevention and Partnership in carrying out various jobs:1. Prosecution of investigations: all judicial and judicial police departments designate a special unit responsible for planning the entire investigation of matters relating to criminal trafficking in persons, strengthening the conduct of investigative prosecution work.2.Protindungan: applying the protection of the victims, providing victims of appropriate residential areas, life care, mental guidance, medical assistance, translation services, legal assistance, accompanying interrogations, giving victims temporary shelter permits and work permits, and return shipping protection measures to country of origin safely.3. Prevention: through mass media and promotion of activities and many different paths, adding to the public's understanding of the content and work of trafficking in persons; each year continuously conducts general educational training on prevention of human trafficking among departments and seminars on the prevention of human trafficking, to strengthen professional knowledge and case-taking abilities on practical worker staff on the first line.4. Partner relations: organizing "international human trafficking prevention workshops", inviting relevant state party experts and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to attend, to absorb knowledge and information on trafficking in other countries, and include NGO capabilities, joining the international community, at the same time with the signing state signing "Memo understanding of the cooperation of immigration affairs and the prevention of human trafficking (MOU)", strengthening the cooperative relations of international partners.